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It’s hard to believe (an accept) that Beauty and The Beast will be coming to an end.  Although fans will continue to fight to find it a new home on another media platform, The Nerdy Girl Express asked Beasties to tell us how they’d like the season to end. Read below to find out their thoughts. 
 Like others, I don’t want Beauty and The Beast to end.  I can’t imagine not seeing new stories in the lives of Catherine, Vincent, JT, Tess and Heather.  These characters have become a part of my life for four years. I’ve shared good times and bad with them and have applauded their determination and endurance. I wish the best for the characters (and actors who play them) and would love happy endings for all. After years of conspiracies and running from government agencies, I want Cat and Vincent to have their normal which includes successful careers and (non-beast) babies. As a twin myself, boy/girl twins would be nice. I want JT to use all his skills in helping people in a job that will make him happy and fulfilled. Although I want he and Tess to end up together, if they are better as friends, I want each to find an amazing person to share their lives with. I want Cat, Vincent, JT and Tess’ children to become best friends like their parents.
But I also want enough of story left open for the characters for reunion or movie possibilities (if the series doesn’t get picked up somewhere else).
Stacy Ann Miller
Vincent and Catherine somehow get out of the situation they are in from the episode Meet The New Beast, somehow during No Way Out Vincent and Catherine somehow either kill the new beast and are exonerated or the DHS agent Dillion let’s them go. Either way I see Catherine and Vincent having to say goodbye to Heather,JT and Tess. How will this be done?? They will fake their deaths. That way everyone thinks they are dead and the manhunt and beast hunt will be over for them forever. If this is the case, Imagine the sad goodbyes of episode 13?
VinCat go back to France.
I have been an avid fan since day one and I still can’t get my mind and heart to accept it is all over. The end breaks my heart even if VinCat have some sort of happy ending.
Yolanda Corzo
I would like to see Catherine pregnant (for sure this time) since twice it was a false alarm. Please continue the series with Catherine getting her job back as a cop and Vincent working in a hospital. It would be great to see their baby growing up. Also I would love to see all those lose ends cleared up, such as; what did Catherine’s father want to tell her before he was hit by a car, what did Evan read in those papers about Catherine’s mother, is Alex dead or alive. These can all start a great story line. This is such a wonderful show, this cannot be the last season.
Judy Kovacs
Knowing fans have been vying for a streamline service to continue the story, I’d want to end it where the story could continue if there were a chance. I can only see one way out that leaves it open for more, and fits the latest synopsis for the finale titled ” Au Revoir”. I think the only option that is the “ultimate sacrifice” that would make fans happy about the ending & leave it open to continue is for the two of them to fake their own deaths and leave those they love the most behind. At this stage in the story I would imagine JT or Tess has orchestrated a plan with DHS to trap the New Beast and making it look like Cat & Vincent are killed in the process of making it happen. In reality, DHS has hired JT to work for them and he’s created new lives for Vincent & Cat as his 1st assignment. Fans are happy seeing them start their new lives, streamline can pick it up & continue bringing them out of hiding & faking their deaths & leaving everyone behind would be the ultimate sacrifice for them.
Teri Teston

 This how I want it to end right?

JT and Tess and Cat track down Vincent, try to rescue him, but he ends up rescuing them and together they take down these @$$holes and both couples stroll out like a boss to nothings gonna stop us now lol. Cheesy why yes it is.

Erin Wise


I have been a great fan from the beginning back in 2012, love the chemistry between Jay and Kristin and of course the King beastie Austin.

I would love Vincent and Catherine to find peace in a new city , where they can relax and love each other without worry. I hope that by end of  episode 13 Catherine tells Vincent she is pregnant (both delighted and thrilled to be parents) and they move to a new city, where the can live happily ever after.  Also Vincent hopefully can still practice as a doctor and Cat as a cop. Lots and lots of 💋💋💋 in last 2 eps🙏🙏🙏.

I hope JT gets a new job , helping people , he has gained many skills over the last few years and Ep11 showed us how he has grown and he can be independent . I hope he finds new love but not with Tess. He deserves better. I think Tess and him should remain best friends.

Tess will grow as a captain now that she does not have to help Cat/Vincent and I hope she finds love too.

Heather, it looks as if Kyle might be the one for her if he redeems himself by ep13 hopefully helping Catherine and Vincent.  She deserves happiness too.

The gang will still keep in touch as Vincent said in Ep 10, there’s always Skype.

In the end I’m hoping they all find happiness , I will miss this show very much, I never got so invested in a show before and never will again, it’s Beauty and the Beast always. Love to cast and crew.

❤️❤️❤️From dedicated #BATB fan
Cork, Ireland 🇮🇪


Happy ending for VinCat with a baby!!!

Patty Trevisan (@patty63)


I love my Beauty and the Beast from the start and now I’m patiently waitting for my last episodes . But I want Vincent and Cat to have there freedom for the last episodes and please anyone tell me when is Episode 12 is out in NZ I’m dying to watch it . lol .



If it has to come to ending in which I hope it doesn’t. I want a happy ending. I don’t want a sad ending that is going to make me more upset then I already am about losing the show anyways.

Jeana White

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