@Stranger_Things The Weirdo Of Maple Street Summary via @erinwise82

Will Byers goes missing. A search party is looking for him. Joyce Byers has received a disturbing call. Will’s friends find a strange girl.

Let’s dive right into Stranger Things episode 2 *****SPOILERS*****

The Weirdo On Maple Street

Mike sets Eleven up in his basement, learning her name from the tattoo on her arm. He nicknames her El. He tells her his plan of having her knock on his door in the morning and his mother would know what to do.

Did scientists just find oozing goo coming out of Joyce’s walls?


The next morning, Mike sneaks El some Eggos for breakfast, again telling her of the plan. She refuses, telling him bad people were after her. She uses her hand as if it were a gun to show him what she meant by bad people. He decides to stay home with her, after his parents leave for the day. At school, Dustin and Lucas figure Mike has been caught with a girl spending the night in his house.


Back at Mike’s house, he shows El around. Showing her his cool TV and Lazyboy. He takes her to his room, showing off his science awards. El notices a picture of Mike and his friends. She recognizes Will.
Mike gets busted by his Mom skipping school, but under the circumstances she let’s it slide.
Lucas and Dustin head to Mike’s house after school to see what happened. Lucas is not happy about El still being there. Mike tells them how she recognized Will and that there were bad people after her. Lucas has had enough and is going to tell Mike’s Mom. El uses telekinesis to shut and lock the door. The look on their face at that moment would definitely match mine face in the same situation. 


While searching for Will, the boys science teacher finds a piece of torn hospital gown outside of a large drain that leads to the Dept of Energy, the secret creepy lab.


Meanwhile, Steve invites Nancy to his house for a Tuesday night party. After some ridicule from Steve’s friends, she agrees, telling best friend Barb, she’s coming too.  Reluctantly, Barb takes Nancy to Steve’s house. This is definitely not Barb’s cup of tea, but Nancy is her best friend. After popping a beer can with a knife and chugging it, Nancy talks Barb into doing it too. Peer pressure is such a bitch. Unfortunately, the knife slips and Barb slices her thumb. When she goes to get cleaned up, the others decide to jump in the pool fully clothed.


At this moment, Jonathan is searching the woods and photographing everything where his brother disappeared. He hears a scream and goes running towards it. When he comes to the end of the woods, he’s facing Steve’s house. He begins taking pictures of Nancy and her friends in the pool.


Steve’s friends pop off to do the typical home alone with my girl/boyfriend teenage thing. As Steve leads Nancy upstairs to change into some dry clothes, Barb catches her, trying to talk Nancy into leaving but Nancy ends up telling Barb to leave by herself. Upstairs Steve and Nancy get their mambo on, with Jonathan taking pictures still. Creep. Jonathan notices Barb sitting on the diving board with her feet in the water. He takes a picture, the last on the roll.

Barb’s thumb is dripping blood in the pool…..a creepy noise…she turns around…. BAM Barb is gone.

By the time Jonathan has finished winding the filming, he looks up and Barb is no longer there. He leaves.


Joyce receives another phone call from Will, which again blows the phone. His favorite song begins playing on his radio. She goes to his room. The weird creepy black slimy creature starts coming out of the wall. 

I was hooked the first episode, by this episode, I was full on binge mode.

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