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Last night was the series finale of Beauty and the Beast and I’m still trying to recover emotionally from the impact of the episode and the series as a whole.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the series finale episode titled “Au Revoir,” please do not continue reading.

Beauty and the Beast was one of those rare series where viewers invested in characters who felt like friends.  We wanted happiness for Catherine, Vincent, JT, Tess and Heather (Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan, Austin Basis, Nina Lisandrello and Nicole Anderson) but knew that if it came too early in the series’ run, that wouldn’t be good. Danger and conflict equals engaging television and if any show was the epitome of this, it was Beauty and the Beast.  Loosely based on the 1987 television series of the same name, Beauty and the Beast told the story of Vincent Keller, an ordinary man trying to live a normal life as a doctor when his life drastically changes and he becomes a beast-like creature due to experiments conducted by the nefarious government agency, Muirfield.  Vincent meets Catherine Chandler, a New York Police Detective after he saves her life and their lives become intertwined. Catherine learns of Vincent’s beast affliction and works to help him.  Along the way, the two fall in love and begin a “love conquers all” relationship in which they make many sacrifices to be together while stopping Murifield and others like them from making more beasts.  Catherine and Vincent are aided in their endeavors by friends JT and Tess and Catherine’s little sister Heather.

Throughout the series run, viewers watched Catherine and Vincent and their friends face many obstacles.  Fans also saw the series face the obstacle of low ratings which kept it on the brink of cancellation. But these steadfast supporters known as Beasties, were as determined as their favorite characters to fight for its survival.  Unfortunately, it was announced that Season 4 would be Beauty and the Beast’s final season.  With that in mind, the writers worked to create a series finale befitting the show. Did they succeed?

Although hope remains for Beauty and the Beast to return in some form, perhaps in an online platform, the series had to take steps in case that doesn’t happen.  The worst thing any viewer knows is the frustration when a series is cancelled with too many opened ended stories.  I feel that Beauty and the Beast delivered a satisfying conclusion while leaving stories open for the characters just in case of a revival.

Catherine and Vincent had recently married at the end of Season 3 and were on their honeymoon in Paris when they received a call from JT.  The beast drama was far from over.  They spend Season 4 learning that a beast bounty hunter was pursuing Vincent.  This individual was connected to private security firm, Graydal, which was more than it seemed.  Vincent infiltrated Graydal to learn the truth.  Along the way, he kills Secretary Deputy of DHS Hill and becomes a fugitive (and later an accused terrorist).

Catherine gives up her job as a police detective and briefly becomes a DHS agent to help her husband.  JT continues to use his computer skills to help his friends which puts a strain on his relationship with Tess, who he had planned to move in with.  JT and Tess break up when it appears to her that he’ll always put beast danger ahead of normal.

When the head of Graydal, Peter Braxton (Marc Singer) tells Catherine and Vincent that there is a second even more dangerous beast out there, the couple delay running away to stop this beast.  They learn that Braxton is the second beast and he is targeting Kabul members.

In the Series Finale episode “Au Revoir,” Catherine and Vincent save the life of the Kabul member, Crown Prince Abu.  But it looks like in doing so, they made the ultimate sacrifice: their own lives.  Cat and Vincent get the prince out of his limo before it plunges over the bridge in Queens and explodes.


JT  is shocked as he watches the limo on fire in the river from the bridge. Their family and friends are devastated at what appears to be the death of Catherine and Vincent.  At their funeral, JT gives a beautiful eulogy praising Catherine and Vincent as heroes.


But it turn out to be a ploy, Catherine and Vincent had managed to get out of the limo before it exploded and were alive and living in Paris as Isabelle and Adam.  Catherine was on her way to becoming a lawyer, her dream that was delayed with her mother’s murder.  And JT, Tess and Heather visit them in Paris six months later.  JT and Tess have gotten back together and Heather “lives in sin” with her boyfriend Kyle.

The final scene of Beauty and the Beast shows Catherine and Vincent trying to stop a purse snatcher on the streets of Paris. So, it looks like the couple will always work to save the innocent from criminals.

Standout Scenes in Au Revoir:

  • Catherine and Vincent’s final romantic rooftop moment
  • Catherine’s goodbyes to Heather and Tess and Vincent’s to JT
  • The sequence leading up to the limo plunging over the Queens bridge and exploding
  • JT and Tess finally taking down Braxton.  Loved JT as Tess’ backup
  • JT’s eulogy at Catherine and Vincent’s service

What did you think of the Series Finale? Sound off below. Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .

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