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It’s ironic to think that each of us share our birthday with millions of people we will never meet.

“I’ll spare us both the birthday dance this year,” Rebecca (Mandy Moore) tells husband Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) because she is extremely pregnant but Jack won’t hear no for an answer, it’s his 36th birthday and he wants his birthday dance. He gets a song too, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, I’m pregnant with triplets and I’m big as shamu,” Rebecca sings.  But the festivities are interrupted when Rebecca announces that her water just broke.


Also celebrating his 36th birthday is Kevin (Justin Hartley).  He recalls how optimistic he used to be as he remembers his second grade self during the Challenger disaster thinking of the first school teacher in space who he thought would change the world. Kevin is encouraging to his twin sister Kate (Chrissy Metz), who has a weight problem and is belittling herself because she can’t lose the weight.


Jack comments that he and his triplets will share the same birthday but Rebecca is afraid because she is 6 weeks early.  Her doctor, Dr. Schneider has been replaced by Dr. K (Gerald McRaney) because Schneider’s appendix has burst.  Dr. K tries to assure Rebecca that he’s highly experienced with multiple births and high risk pregnancies.


Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is at his office when employees enter singing happy birthday to him. You guessed it, he too is 36 today. Later, Randall talks about having found his father, who abandoned him at a fire station after the death of his mother. Should he try to reconnect with the man who left him?

Kevin is an actor who hates the role he plays, a manny on a television sitcom. He laments that Ryan Gosling would never play a dumb role like this.

Kate goes to an overweight support group and meets Toby, who asks whether she wants to be “fat friends.” Kate is determined to lose the weight and decides that she can’t be friends with a fat person.


Jack coaches Rebecca, who is in labor.  He tells Dr. K that he will leave the hospital with a healthy wife and three healthy children.

Randall leaves his office as he decided to confront his father.  He knocks on the man’s front door and says “My name is Randall Pearson, I’m your biological son. Thirty-six years ago, you left me at the front door of a fire station. Don’t worry, I am not here because I want anything from you. I was raised by two incredible parents. I have a “lights out” family of my own, and that car you see parked right in front of your house cost $143,000.00 and I bought it in cash. I bought it for cash because I felt like it, and because I can do stuff like that! You see, I turned out pretty alright! Which might surprise a lot of folks considering that 36 years ago, my life started out with you leaving me on a fire station doorstep, with nothing more than a raggedy blanket and a crap-filled diaper. I came here today, so I could look you in the eyes and say that to you and then get back in my fancy-ass car to finally prove to myself and to you and to my family who loves me that I didn’t need a thing from you; even after I knew who you were!”


Randall’s father tells him he doesn’t remember much of what happened that day.  After saying what he’s wanted to say all these years, “Screw you,” Randall asks his father whether he wants to meet his grandchildren.

Kevin has an actor’s breakdown during a scene with Alan Thicke on the set of his sitcom, “The Man-ny.” He basically calls everything fake and says that it’s his fault for settling and taking the money. No wonder Ryan Gosling wouldn’t take this job!

Rebecca delivers a baby boy but Dr. K has to rush her into surgery as the other two babies appear to be in distress.

William, Randall’s father meets his wife Beth and his grandchildren.

It seems that even after saying she couldn’t have a fat friend, Kate went out on a date with Toby. As they are having a nightcap, Kevin arrives. He is usually the supportive one for Kate but this time, she has to be there for her brother as social media is reporting his meltdown.

Dr. K tells Jack that the second baby is a girl but their third child, a boy didn’t survive. Dr. K tells Jack the story of how he and his wife lost their first child which is why he chose his field of work.  But even with all the babies he’s delivered not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about the child he loss.  He knows that Jack make something from his loss too. His children have a good father.

William thanks Randall for the kindness he’s shown him and tells him that he’s dying. William knows that Randall’s parents must be proud of the man he’s become. Randall lets William move in with them.

Kevin worries that maybe he’ll only be good enough to play The Man-ny.

At the hospital, Jack is looking at the babies in the nursery when the man next to him tells him that none of the children are his, someone left a baby at the fire station.  Jack gives Rebecca the sad news about their third son being stillborn.


The episode ends with Jack and Rebecca at home looking at their three children in their bassinets – their daughter and their two sons, one of which is the African American baby that was abandoned at the fire station.

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