@AmyGumenick guest stars in NCIS via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural #Arrow #TurnAMC

CBS’ long running, hit drama NCIS has struck gold in casting uber talented actress Amy Gumenick in a guest starring role. The episode, Being Bad, will air on September 27th.

In a short time, Gumenick has become a sought after television actress.  For The CW, she thrilled audiences as Mary Winchester, the hunting mother of long suffering heroic brothers Sam and Dean on Supernatural. Gumenick was Young Mary in episodes that aired in the fourth and fifth seasons. With Supernatural slated to begin its impressive twelfth season on October 13th and Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) recently resurrected, many fans also hope to see a flashback sequence with Young Mary.  Supernatural’s CW sibling, Arrow, also brilliantly hit the mark (pun intended) when it cast Gumenick as Cupid. Again, fans want to see Gumenick return to the show. She made Cupid a multi faceted wonder.

But The CW doesn’t own a monopoly on Gumenick’s talent. AMC’s critically acclaimed period drama TURN wisely cast Gumenick as Philomena.  Philomena was a thrill in many fast paced, emotionally riveting moments on this incredible show. TURN was recently renewed for Season 4. More Amy Gumenick as Philomena is a great thing.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Amy Gumenick tomorrow, September 27th on NCIS.

One thought on “@AmyGumenick guest stars in NCIS via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural #Arrow #TurnAMC

  1. So happy and excited to watch you on TV.
    YOU are not only beautiful but as sweet as can be.
    Good luck on all your future endeavors.


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