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The sixth season of Once Upon a Time kicked off with an episode that had Emma pondering the question of her future as The Savior.

But before Emma’s future (or present for that matter) is explored, the episode opens with a flashback to a time long ago.  There’s always the long ago time when some stuff happened that viewers are shown because even though it happened long ago, it will have ramifications for one of our main characters in the future in the here and now. So, in this long ago time aka the episode flashback, Jafar is on his magic carpet in pursuit on someone on a horse.  The man flees into a house and asks The Savior for help.  Unfortunately for him, Jafar is close behind and uses his staff to turn him into ash.  Then, Jafar confronts The Savior, who is Aladdin.  Once a poor thief, now he is the people’s salvation? Jafar doesn’t think so, Aladdin is no match for him. And by the way, The Savior’s never getting his happy ending.

In Present Day Storybrooke, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) are making out on the couch like a couple of love struck teenagers.  Suddenly, the room shakes. They go outside to find a large ship in the sky.  The ship is from the Land of Untold Stories. That’s not good as there’s no doubt evil is afoot meaning Hyde (Sam Witwer).

Meawhile, Gold (Robert Carlyle) travels to The Temple of Morpheus at the request of Hyde in order to awaken The Evil Queen.

Regina (Lana Parrilla) is determined not to ever let The Evil Queen out and is making sure her tomb is sealed.  The problem is still what to do about Hyde.  Emma and Regina take Jekyll (Hank Harris) with them to the Town Hall where Emma hides when Hyde appears.  While Regina is to distract him, Emma is to shoot him with a flare from her flare gun.  Unfortunately, Emma’s hand can’t stop shaking to do the deed.  And Regina almost pays the price.  Emma is finally able to shoot the flare and the group restrain Hyde, who taunts Emma that he knows why she’s experiencing hand tremors.

Regina returns home and she and Zelena (Rebecca Mader) who is staying with her, get into a tiff.  Regina’s upset that Zelena can’t find the last thing Robin gave her to give to Regina and Zelena is angry with her sister for getting rid of The Evil Queen without even asking her advice.

Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David (Josh Dallas) find the people from the ship in the woods and encourages them to go to Granny’s.

Emma is still experiencing hand tremors. Emma comes to the jail to find out what Hyde knows but he only tells her to follow ‘The Red Bird.’ Thanks, that was a lot of help…not. But she does find The Red Bird and a young girl (Jordyn Ashley Olson) who turns out to be an oracle and tells her that the visions Emma’s been seeing are of her future. The girl tells Emma that the vision she’s having of a fight with a person in a black cloak with a sword shows how she will die. The person in the black cloak who will kill her may be someone she already knows and in fact, has known for years.

Morpheus (Giles Matthey) takes Gold to Belle’s dream world and warns that he only has a certain amount of time to wake her before something bad happens.  But in Belle’s dream, he is Rumplestilskin she used to fear. However, Gold is able to get her to remember their love as he tries to wake her.  Morpheus reveals he is the only one who can wake Belle with ‘true love’s kiss’ because her is her (and Gold’s) son.  He was trying to warn her not to fall for his father’s lies again.

Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) offers comfort to Regina who is upset because Zelena seems to have misplaced the feather from one of Robin’s bows as this was the last gift he left for her.  Regina is finding it difficult to forgive her sister which is adding to the tension between them.

Meanwhile, Zelena returns back to the house to find The Evil Queen waiting for her. She wanted a sister, too bad it’s the wrong one smirks The Evil Queen, who then suggests that they have a drink and a sisterly chat.

Ah, oh- this doesn’t sound good. Will The Evil Queen cause Zelena to revert back to her wicked witch ways? Can’t wait to see how this season unfolds!

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