@TRPComic #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

The first issue of The Re-Creation Project introduces us to Messiah, a former rapper who says that he is a god. While typically people would probably assume he was crazy, the appearance of other worldly beings has led them to seek out his aid and protection.

The Re-Creation Project begins with a prologue narrated by Messiah. While he states that he wasn’t at the moment of first contact between the murderous aliens and the human race, he knows exactly what happened. He and a group of survivors are trying their best to stay alive, but they don’t understand why Messiah can’t just give them the answers. Being a god is not exactly what those around him believe it would be like. He may be able to see things outside of himself, but he can’t know it all. When a battle breaks out Messiah’s powers are tested. Will he be able to protect those around him? What does he know about the alien invaders? Find out in The Re-Creation Project #1 today!


When I started reading this comic I was expecting something similar to The Wicked and The Divine, but was shocked to find myself thrown into an alien invasion overseen by a fallible god. The plot of this first issue will shock you as you learn just what the aliens are up to on Earth. I also really like the explanation behind Messiah’s powers, it is so much more complex than just him being chosen to be a god. I will warn that this is definitely a more mature comic, there’s some adult language and some very adult situations, including one involving a shower. I really enjoyed this introduction to The Re-Creation Project and I’ll definitely keep reading it.


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