Why We Need a Season Two of @GeekingOutAMC from @kleffnotes

AMC’s new series Geeking Out aired its season finale last night. There’s been no official announcement that there will be a season two and I thought I would share why I think we definitely need one. 

Geeking Out sneak peeked their series back during San Diego Comic Con and then officially started their first season in August. What I love about the show is that they do a variety of interviews with different people from within the geeky entertainment industry. They’ve talked to people from Daredevil, Luke Cage, Stranger Things, Star Trek, Star Wars, and The Walking Dead. Those are just some of the interviews, there are just too many to list. They’ve also taken us to some great places including: Variant Comics, Image Comics, Blizzard Entertainment, DC Comics, and the Dapper Cadaver. The show has focused on so many diverse parts of geek culture and I have loved being able to get an inside look into so many different things with these hosts.


Kevin Smith is just such a delightful nerd. He gets so excited by everything he gets to go see and it makes me even more excited. Greg Grunberg is his co-host and he has fun with the guests and is great to see. I absolutely love Tiffany Smith! She’s considered their special correspondent and has been the one going out to most of the off site locations. My one critique of the first season is that I wish Tiffany was given more presence in the advertising and on the site. She isn’t actually listed on the AMC site under Cast and Crew and she isn’t in as much of the advertising as Kevin and Greg. It’s so hard to find mainstream shows with female geeks in them so having Tiffany in this show means a lot to me. The show is really fun and I’ve loved tuning into it every week. I really hope to see a second season announced. You can catch up on everything from the first season on the Geeking Out site.


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