BehindTheNerdyGirl: My Thoughts on #PennyDreadful ‘s Series Finale via @erinwise82

This past summer viewers watched the series finale of the much loved show, Penny Dreadful. It was quite an intense last season, seemingly closing up all the storylines, and giving us something to cry over.

At the start of the season, we have a distraught Vanessa, feeling as though she was nothing, everyone left her behind. Not knowing that Ethan was actually captured, being taken back to his father to pay for the sins he had committed against his family.

I enjoyed finding out how Ethan was turned into the werewolf. The reasoning behind it, after the shock, was a sincere reasoning. Though not all might agree. We know Ethan didn’t, though I think by the end of the season he understood. Facing his blood father and his native father, truly showed who Ethan was, what he is made of. And how far he’ll go to finally end things. Everything he was put through by both fathers….I would have ended up in another country as well. Both betrayed himself and made him feel like he was completely at fault. He’s definitely not innocent, no where near how he’s made out to be.


Lily and Dorian’s story came to a bloody ending. After what she tried to create, there was no other way. Now, she did start out with intentions that were completely understandable. Living the life of a prostitute is a very dangerous profession. Creating a town of blood crazed hookers is a whole other story. Dorian pretty much showed Lily, immortality is an incredibility lonely thing.

The story I believed touched me most was Creature’s. Having memories of his family, finding them, only to find his son was deathly sick. Those last days, weeks, with his son were undoubtedly more precious than anything in the world. When he passed, my heart broke. When his wife begged him to take him to Frankenstein and bring him back, tearing at my heartstrings. As a mother, I would be begging for the same. His reasons on why he couldn’t do that to their son, some would call selfish, I call a blessing. No parent wants to destroy their child, especially having been through it himself. I was crushed when she told him to leave and not come back if he didn’t bring their boy back alive. Again, I understand her view point, but isn’t losing them both worse?


Dracula finally found Miss Ives. And she fell for him. At first, it seemed a perfect match. But, in her world we know better. Her going to a doctor and looking into her memories was seriously intense. Being stuck in that one was insane. How bizarre was it that Creature, when he was still alive, was her orderly. He was so kind and tried to help her so much. Oh how I wish she could have showed him that him. His human him. Not the vague memoires he had of his family, but of his kind nature. He was truly a friend.


Vanessa chose Dracula. She knew who he was and she chose him. After all the fighting, she still ends up with him. A nasty deadly fog covered London the moment she chose him. Clear sign she made the wrong decision. She knew through Ethan’s father they were coming to her. But Dracula, his darkness, her darkness, there was no avoiding it.


The mob squad got together to find that evil beast and save their dear Miss Ives. I loved how they stood together and fought together for one common goal. They knew they had no chance of winning but they weren’t leaving without Vanessa. Sir Malcolm, Frankenstein, the doc, everyone gave Ethan the opportunity to make a break for the room where Vanessa was at. When he walked through that door and they saw one another, she admitted how hard it was to see him.


It was bittersweet. When she asked him to kill her, a part of my soul died, like dude, not like this, don’t end it like this. Well, damnit man, they ended it like that. There was no choice. I understand it but I don’t like it.


Them standing together saying their goodbyes to Miss Vanessa Ives, tears were running down my cheeks. What got me hard, really hard, was Creature peeking around the side, waiting for the others to leave, so he could say his goodbye. This scene devastated my emotions and I completely lost it. They had a friendship that lasted long than either realized. A friendship that truly ran deep. It was a beautifully sad ending. I’m still not completely over it. This show made a lasting mark on my heart.


What did you think about the series finale?

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