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Supernatural Season 12 premieres on October 13, but we have a great reason to celebrate two days earlier: Today is Julie McNiven’s birthday!

Supernatural fans have been enamored with McNiven ever since she graced us with her heavenly talent (pun intended) when she first appeared in the Season 4 episode, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” At this time, the mysterious woman known as Anna Milton was confined to a behavioral hospital. When you confess that you eavesdrop on angel conversations in Heaven and talk about a powerful demon breaking seals so that Lucifer may rise, your mental health comes into question.

With hypnotic assistance from psychic Pamela Barnes, the sensitive young woman learned that she was an angel who had committed the ultimate sin by disobeying Heaven, ripping out her angelic grace in a quest to experience life as a human. At the end of her debut episode, Anna saved the Winchesters from demonic torturer Alistair, exploding in a ball of light.

But you can’t keep a good meatsuit down because we hadn’t seen the end of Anna. The now fugitive-from-heavenly-justice Anna returned in On the Head of a Pin to save Castiel from traitorous turncoat Uriel. Subsequently, Julie McNiven returned to Season 4 for two more episodes, “The Rapture” and “When The Levee Breaks.” In When The Levee Breaks, Anna was hauled off to Heaven’s jail.

In her final Supernatural appearance in the Season 5 episode “The Song Remains The Same”, a fiercely determined Anna became an angel with murderous intent hellbent on killing Sam to stop Lucifer from possessing the younger Winchester and marching towards the deadly apocalypse. Her plan included traveling back in time to kill Winchester parents John and Mary (Amy Gumenick and Matt Cohen). Before being set aflame by archangel Michael (also Cohen), Anna and Young Mary had an intense physical fight. This on-screen fight revealed the actresses skill at stage combat. Both McNiven and Gumenick have wonderful onscreen chemistry. It remains my hope that these two powerhouse actresses will share screen time again in the very near future.

Today October 11 is Julie McNiven’s birthday. I extend my best wishes as she enjoys her special day with family and friends.
Here is a poem that I wrote for Julie McNiven:

#poetry #amwriting Ode to Julie McNiven, a poem for @JulieMcNiven by Tracy Diane Miller

I have been a fan of Julie McNiven
For many years you see
Ever since she graced television screens on AMC’s Mad Men
Playing Pete Campbell’s secretary Hildy

I was thrilled
When the actress I so adore
First appeared as Anna Milton
In Supernatural Season 4

I Know What You Did Last Summer
Was Julie’s first episode
Anna was a mystery
The young girl in a behavioral hospital
Had quite an interesting history

Anna listened to the angels
To her doctor she revealed
Lilith was busy
Trying to break 66 seals

Lucifer would rise
If 66 seals fall
Sadly Anna was Heaven and Hell’s most wanted
By angels and demons after all

The Winchesters and even Ruby helped Anna
While both angels and demons gave chase
When psychic Pamela hypnotized Anna
We discovered that she was really an angel
Who had fallen to Earth after ripping out her grace

Later Anna retrieved her grace
Just in time to save the day
But in a flash of bright light
She was sent away

When Anna returned
She killed Uriel and also time traveled to 1978
To stop Lucifer from taking over Sam as his vessel
Anna told Castiel that death would be the younger Winchester’s fate

Michael destroyed Anna
Sadly Julie McNiven’s time on Supernatural was done
But the gifted actress continued to amaze us
More creative challenges she won

She sang on Jason Mann’s Christmas album
An inspired choice
It shouldn’t come as any surprise
That Julie McNiven has a wonderful voice

You see Julie McNiven did musical theatre
In the past
When television show creator Joey Adams
Sought actresses for Internity
I suggested that Julie be cast

For I really believe in Julie’s skill
And thankfully Joey Adams did too
When I learned that he had taken my suggestion
By casting Julie
I was absolutely thrilled

We may have to wait a little while
Before we see Internity
Yet I have no doubt
That Joey Adams’ treasure
Will come about

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