BehindTheNerdyGirl: Mystic Pizza via @erinwise82

Come one, come all.

I can’t get enough of sharing my favorite past movies and my thoughts about them. Ah the VHS days…lol.

Back to the 80’s…

Today’s share is Mystic Pizza, a coming of age film, with quite the cast. Julia Roberts, Lili Taylor, Annabeth Gish, Vincent D’Onofrio, Conchata Ferrell, and even a young Matt Damon. I swear Damon is in everything!

This film captures the summer after high school has ended feel almost perfectly. Adulthood is on the horizon for three young women who work at the local Mystic Pizzeria, in Mystic, Conn., a small little fishing town. A town where the “locals” are poor and the Richie Riches come to spend their summers. Two of our young ladies are sisters (Roberts, Gish) while the third (Taylor) is their very best friend. As the movie starts, the best friend, Jojo, walks out on her fiance at the alter. Jojo really loves her fiance Bill, but she isn’t ready to face marriage just yet. Bill really “excites” her, problem is, Bill doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. Does she really want to marry him just to have sex? Nah. Her dreams are to inherit the Mystic Pizzeria, learn the secret sauce from current owner Leona (Ferrell), and run the pizza shop til she retires.


Her friends, the sisters are Daisy and Kat (Roberts, Gish). One fine night of drinking at the local bar, Daisy sees Mr. Right walk in. He’s preppy, tall, cute (?), and he is a great dart player, making bulls-eyes while taking shots in between darts. Now of course this isn’t a life skill, but Daisy picks him up anyway. It doesn’t take long for them to fall for each other. He is an extremely Richie Rich named….cue typical 80’s flick type name…Charles Gordon Windsor. He says he’s in law school, though he neglects to mention he was thrown out for cheating. He’s so good at darts with all that free time.

Kat begins babysitting for a married man who’s wife is in Europe. He is an architect who graduated from Yale, he’s revamping a local landmark. Kat was excepted into Yale for the fall and loves talking with him. They have incredibly long talks about important things. She impresses him with her intelligence, her beauty, her youth….though he shouldn’t be as impressed as he is…he is married. She loves his daughter as well. She pushes herself in their life, as she deems him great, to good to be true, prefect. She tries not to let his absent wife bother her and really grasps at straws…like maybe she’s not there because they’re getting a divorce…

This movie takes you through a few months of these girls live. Each learning a hard lesson in live and life. But this movie doesn’t hardcore push it on you. It moves effortlessly along, while still making it’s point.

I think the best scene is when our rich kid decides to bring his poor Portuguese-American girlfriend home for dinner with his family. During dinner the dude spurts an insult to his girlfriend, then attacks all of his family for being racist complacent snobs. He furthers it by pulling the tablecloth out from under the dishes and storms out. I guess he was hoping to have his girl follow him out and him to become her hero. Well, that ain’t Daisy and she ain’t stupid. She can totally read people. She rightly accuses him of using her to stage that crap and embarrassing her for his own self righteous bullshit. She finishes it off by telling him he’s not good enough for her. This may be like a lot of other films of similar natural, but that’s what is great about this flick. It’s not treated as a cliche.

This movie gives the feels of what living in a small town like this is like. With our local girls, local pizzeria, they even thrown in a TV chef to come by and taste the famous pizza. It’s a fun movie about three girls figuring out what they want in life and love.

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