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This was a unique thriller I came across in my youth. I really enjoyed the craziness of this films. I recently decided to watch it again and thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

Though the title might lead you to assume this may be a kids movie, I will say right off the bat NO, no it is definitely not for kids. This movie was rated R for a reason and language and violence, yea, not it.

I’ve moved out of the 80’s and step into the 90’s. This film was released in 1997, it’s a crime drama starring Chris Penn, Devon Sawa, Dominic Zamprogna, and Stuart Stone. I’m going to try to not give too many spoilers, as I’ve noticed not a lot of people have seen this. If memory serves me correct, it was one of those that went straight to VHS, though don’t quote me on that.


The movie follows three teenage boys in a small town in Ontario. These boys are our typical boys, smoking, drinking, dirty magazines, the whole 9 yards. The trio have a hideout out in the woods and one day stumble upon Luke Cooper inside of it. Luke has a gunshot wound in his leg and tells the boys he’s a cop hiding out from bad guys, follow cops. He tells them he just needs to rest and let his leg heal some and he’ll be on his way. He gets them to agree not to tell anyone. They are all too thrilled to have this dude up in there place and of course they believe him. I mean, he does have a badge.


For awhile Luke becomes good buddies with the boys, becomes their confidante, that is until he starts showing his true colors….By that time, they’re in over their heads…they’ve got to figure it out before someone gets hurt…or killed.

This is something that keeps you on your toes throughout the entire movie. It has a real feel to it as well, these teens are like your real life teens. Even kind of knowing who Luke really is, the climax is still a bit of a shocker. It really keeps you guessing just how far they’re going to take things in this film. I won’t lie, for a film with teens, there was a scene or two that pushed it almost too far, especially during the time it was actually released. Above all, this is a great movie this I would absolutely recommend any fan of thrilers, crime dramas, or suspense. It’s a total wild ride.

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