Celebrate #NationalDessertDay with a Look at #Supernatural’s Dean via @stacyamiller85

Happy National Dessert Day!

It’s National Dessert Day and in honor of this sweet lover’s holiday, let’s take a look at Supernatural’s Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), a man who loves his pie almost as much as his burgers.  When it comes to hunting supernatural evil, Dean Winchester is all business and will kill the threat before it hurts an innocent.  Dean takes the family business seriously and has devoted his life to it.

But all work and no play makes this Winchester a very dull boy and not the character fans have loved for twelve seasons.  In addition to saving people and hunting things, Dean is a caring big brother to Sam and deep down, a kid at heart.  And like most kids, he loves his sweets. Namely pie.  “Give me some pie, love me some pie,” said Dean in the Season 2 episode “All Hell Breaks Loose Part One.”

Even though pie is his favorite baked good, Dean has been seen eating an ice cream sundae (in Season 3’s “Bad Day at Black Rock”) and a donut (in Season 6’s “The Purge”).


And after all the people he has saved as well as the world, Dean deserves a treat.

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