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Supernatural aired its Season 12 Premiere “Keep Calm and Carry On” on October 13 and it was a thoughtful hour full of  physical pain and emotional intensity.

Unfortunately the physical pain in the episode was endured by poor Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), who like in previous seasons was tortured for information.  But Mary (Samantha Smith) had her own pain to deal with, starting with meeting her adult son Dean (Jensen Ackles) and learning that she had been dead for 33 years. The last time she saw him he was four years old and now this man she barely knew was telling her about her children’s lives and everything she missed.  For fans who have followed the Winchester family history, it was interesting hearing the story of how John and Mary met and other details as Dean sought to refresh his mother’s memory of her life.


But for Mary, the idea that even though she had gotten out of hunting (through death), the thought that it had been her sons’ lives was difficult for her to hear. “Sam and me, saving people and hunting things. This is our life. I think we make the world a better place, I know we do,” Dean told his mother as a way to explain that what they did mattered.  Although it had been a tough life, being hunters allowed Sam and Dean to give many other people a better one.

Mary saw that the world was different then when she left it.  Technology had advanced as she encountered people using computers.  But the one thing that remained the same was her skill as a fighter.  She was able to save Dean and Castiel when they were attacked by Toni’s Hench Woman of Letters.  It looks like Mary Winchester will be an asset to have around.

Samantha Smith has made occasional appearances as Mary throughout Supernatural’s run bringing something special each time. And during Season 6, Smith played Mother of All Eve as Mary in “Mommy Dearest.”  Like John, Mary is a pivotal character in the Supernatural universe and although not physically present in Sam and Dean’s lives while they were growing up, she shaped the men they became.

Once Dean and Mary are able to rescue Sam from Toni’s clutches, the real story of their family reunion will begin.  I look forward to seeing the talented Samantha Smith explore more of the depths of Mary Winchester.

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