Book Preview: Engaged to An Alien Pop Star by @kendrybird via @tdmiller820917

Daisy Kirkwood is a strongly independent young woman with a zest for life and music. Leaving her small town behind for the intoxicating allure of the Big Apple, that self-proclaimed city that never sleeps, Daisy is determined to make her presence known in the music scene. What Daisy never expected was to be kidnapped on the streets of New York City by Griffin Valentino, a David Bowe loving, fashion sense deprived prince of an alien planet. With his best friend and adviser Devon, Griffin recruits Daisy into his plans to become the most beloved pop star on the planet. Yet, the crux of Griffin’s mission isn’t adulation from devoted fans; rather, there is political urgency. Griffin’s success or failure will have far reaching consequences for his planet. What Daisy and Griffin find is love.

Kendra L. Saunders’ Dating An Alien Pop Star is the gold standard of fiction, a well-written, thoughtfully entertaining book to engage the minds of readers with wonderful characters, an intense yet enjoyable plot and humorous dialogue.

Now comes the much anticipated sequel to Dating An Alien Pop Star: Engaged to An Alien Pop Star. Kendra L. Saunders teases with this book blurb:

“Daisy Kirkwood and her best friend Kammie have adjusted to life on an alien planet pretty well, all things considered. And thanks to Daisy’s alien pop star boyfriend, Griffin Valentino, she has plenty of sexy new experiences to keep her busy. But it’s not possible to take a massive music nerd away from her home planet and not expect her to pine for a concert or a record store at least in once in a while.
Heading back to Earth with Griffin and his best friend Dev for a brief but much-needed visit, the girls want nothing more than to catch up on the underground music scene of New York City. Unfortunately, thanks to Griffin’s less-than-stellar space traveling skills, they accidentally pick up a hitchhiker. Or three hundred. Their many-legged stowaway beasties take up residence in the darkest, creepiest corners of Manhattan, leaving the gang no choice but to experience a very different underground than they bargained for.
Giant alien bugs aside, Griffin has some epic plans of his own for their trip, plans that involve a concert, an album… and the most outrageous marriage proposal that Earth has ever seen.”


You will not want to must this exciting sequel! Make a date to become fully engaged with reading “Engaged to An Alien Pop Star”
Engaged to An Alien Pop Star will be released on November 28, 2016. To pre-order:


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