#TheInspectors The Art of Stand-Up S2Ep4 Recap via @stacyamiller85 @bretjgreen @CBSInspectors @CBSDreamTeam

Fake art is only priceless for the thieves who scam their victims.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “The Art of Stand-up” please do not continue reading.

Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) question the victims of an art scam in which they were sold fake limited edition works of art.  Getting the name of the gallery in which they purchased the pieces, Amanda and Mitch pose as a wealthy couple wanting to buy art to fill their huge summer home.  Gallery owner Marci (Kaliswa Brewster) is very interested.


Georgia (Charmin Lee) tell Amanda and Mitch that the art they bought for Marci’s gallery was indeed fake.  Marci is questioned and urged to make it easy on herself by giving up the name of her supplier. Again posing as the wealthy Westmorelands, Amanda and Mitch buy a $45,000 Degas from Tad (David Michael Vaughn) which actually turns out to be real.  So, the Westmorelands participate in an auction and this time, the $25,000 piece is revealed to be a fake. Tad is brought in and offers to give up his big name forger in exchange for a deal.


Meanwhile, Preston (Bret Green) tells Noah (Harrison Knight) he wants to do stand-up comedy at the university. He reasons that since he’s good at debate and wants to go to law school and being a lawyer requires public speaking, he’ll be great at it.  However, Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) doesn’t get his first joke about working at a calendar store and getting fired for taking too many sick days. So, Preston writes more material and practices again later with video monitors of Veronica and Noah as his audience.  Overhearing, Amanda tells her son that Preston’s light bulb joke was funny and suggests he practice with her.


Preston performs his routine for the students at Jamestown but unfortunately he has to explain his jokes, which is a clear sign that they are not funny. Amanda tells Preston that in order to reach his audience he should be himself and talk about things he knows.   Preston gives another show in which his jokes focuses on being physically challenged. This time the joke gets laughter from the audience.  But Preston gives the important reminder that it’s better to laugh with someone than at them.


His art career has ended when Amanda and Mitch bring in the forger. Later, Mitch dabbles in art himself as he paints a blue dot on a canvas.  He calls Amanda, sends her a photo of his work and asks her how much she thinks he can get for it.  There’s no answer on the other end of the line.

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