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A new column at The Nerdy Girl Express is The Miller Twins Talk Supernatural Season 12. Here twins and The Nerdy Girl Express writers, Stacy Miller and Tracy Miller, will share their thoughts about the heroic Winchester boys, Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) as well as the many other wonderful characters on The CW’s longest running show. Will these twins agree on the characters and plot themes for each episode? Read below to find out.


Sam Winchester is still in a precarious situation in the second episode of Supernatural Season 12, Mamma Mia.  But the opening teaser left me confused and disturbed. Why was Sam, who had been brutally tortured in the season premiere, now in bed with his captor, Lady Toni? My confusion proved fleeting as I recalled that Toni is a fan of mental torture and hallucinations are her interrogation tool of choice. So the image of Sam in bed with Toni is not real. Sam’s mind fought to distinguish the hallucination from the reality. Soon we find him still tied to a chair and still enduring excruciating torture. Toni wants the names of the American hunters, the Men of Letters pass codes and the scoop on Ruby. I wasn’t sure why the latter information was even relevant for the endgame of British chapter of the Men of Letters. After all, Ruby has been dead for seven years. But I digress.  Sam is in desperate need of the cavalry. Remember, at this point he still believes that Dean is dead. I wonder if Sam is hoping for an angelic rescue by Castiel.


Speaking of Castiel, the angel is in Michigan following leads on Sam while Dean is apparently research guy feeding Castiel information while in The Men of Letters bunker. Maybe it was me, but I felt that Dean didn’t seem as urgent as he should be given that his brother was in danger. While on the phone with Castiel, Dean confesses to his angelic friend how awkward he is around Mary. Dean is happy that his mother is alive, but he worries about overwhelming her with information. Castiel feels that Dean is making the situation more complicated than it needs to be.

I like how the writers are showing the awkwardness of Dean and Mary’s burgeoning relationship. They are talking and sharing their concerns, but there remains a hesitancy around each other that should be expected.  Mary tells Dean that she is afraid that she won’t be able to face Sam because the Yellow-Eyed Demon came to Sam’s nursery because of her.


Castiel calls Dean telling Dean that he possibly located Sam on a farmhouse but that it is powerfully warded. While Dean wants to protect Mary by having her stay in the bunker, but she insists on going with Dean. Mary will be the element of surprise because she knows that Sam’s captors will be expecting Dean, but not her. Car conversations have been an important part of Supernatural for over a decade. At this point, Baby has seen and heard just about everything from the Winchesters. The trend continues with Dean and Mary. Dean tells Mary how Sam had the chance to get out of hunting, that he went to Stanford, but came back when they were searching for John.

Meanwhile, Rowena is trying to impress a date so the last thing she needs is for Crowley to appear, but he does. Crowley arrives to tell her that he won’t interfere with her plan if she helps him find Lucifer. Rowena is disheartened that despite her desire to rid herself of monsters and Hell, Crowley has pulled her back into this dismal life. Crowley is far from sympathetic to his mother’s complaints. The King of Hell has a very big score to settle with Lucifer and he needs Rowena to use her witch skills to hone in on Lucifer’s aura.

We meet Vince Vincente for the first time. He is a rocker dealing with his own personal and professional struggles. Lucifer is circulating Vince as a possible vessel and in shades of the Season 5 premiere episode Sympathy for The Devil, the ghost of Vincente’s loved one tells him he’ll have peace if he invites her in. So Vince consents.


Rick Springfield is positively chilling as Lucifer. Rowena does a paralysis spell. Sulfuric acid burns Lucifer’s vessel, but Lucifer heals his vessel. Rowena is unable to send Lucifer back to the Cage. The special effects in this scene as Lucifer’s vessel is consumed by the acid are stunning. Once he sees that Rowena’s plan to put Lucifer back into the Cage failed, it’s exit, stage Crowley, as Crowley vanishes leaving Rowena to deal with Lucifer’s wrath.

Dean is captured by Toni and also tortured. Sam is shocked that Dean is alive and even more shocked to see Mary alive. Mary fights Toni. Toni uses a mind control spell to choke Mary to get Dean to lose the gun he has trained on her. There are some intense moments before the Winchesters are rescued by mysterious Mick, Toni’s “boss” at the British Men of Letters. Mick proposes an unholy alliance of sorts with the Winchesters. Like Sam and Dean, I’m leery of Mick. I suspect that his appearance in the brothers’ lives is foreshadowing of greater heartache down the road for them.


The final scenes in the Men of Letters bunker have bonding moments between Sam, Dean and Mary.

While there were some moments of the episode I liked, it didn’t have the emotional punch that I had hoped. Considering that Sam had believed that Dean had died in an effort to defeat Amara, I missed seeing the big brotherly moment I had been hoping for. Rick Springfield’s portrayal of Lucifer is quite menacing so I am interested in seeing more of his work as this character. I like how Mary is integrated in the plot and Samantha Smith is doing beautifully walking that tightrope between vulnerability and strength. I’m sure we can expect even more dramatic tension as the boys want to protect their mother from danger while she insists on coming along with them on hunts.


The teaser of the episode “Mamma Mia” opens with Sam and Toni in bed and immediately I knew that was a dream or  something.  At first I was thinking that Toni was fantasizing about having sex with Sam.  I wondered if she thought that added to her “power” over him showing she was in control. Then I said to myself “Sam is probably having a drug-induced hallucination.” Bingo, I hit that nail right on the head.  Not exactly sure why the writers of the episode chose to have a Sam/Toni sexual hallucination.  I probably would have preferred something along the lines of Sam having a conversation with another hunter (Toni) and is telling her about all his cases and the other hunters he worked with.  But I guess the writers didn’t want Toni’s mind control to appear to working.  Plus, having something unimaginable like Sam having sex with his captor was enough for him to snap back into reality.


I liked the Dean and Mary scenes.  It’s cute how Dean was trying to protect his mother from danger and Mary was having none of that.  Despite being an out of commission hunter for over three decades, Mary was confident she could still handle herself.  But Mary talking about being afraid to face Sam after making that deal with the Yellow Eye Demon allowing him to enter Sam’s nursery was a good call of the writers. Remember back in the Season One episode “Home” when the spirit of Mary said “Sam. I’m sorry,” she had a look of pain and regret in her voice? Mary still regret the choice she made that set her family on a course of destruction.  How would she ever make it up to her sons, especially her youngest?  I hope the season will show Mary making decisions based on undoing the wrong she feels she brought down on her family. While Dean and Mary are having their heart-to-heart, Castiel is on a recon mission searching for Sam and calls Dean with his results.  Again, I was unsure of the writers decision in having Castiel being info man. For the long time fan/viewer, it felt as though Dean was saying “I really need to talk with my mom, let me know when you find Sam.” Which was weird. The Dean we all know and love would move Heaven and Earth to find his baby bro. He’d use Castiel as additional backup but would have done all the heavy lifting.  Did the writers feel that Dean needed a little one-on-one with Mary before Sam returned?

Rick Springfield made his debut as rocker Vince Vincente a/k/a Lucifer’s vessel.  I think he did an admirable job and look forward to seeing him develop in the role. Whereas Mark Pellegrino played the ‘sympathy for the devil’ Lucifer with the snarkiness, Springfield’s Lucifer is downright scary, with the makeup and special effects adding to the terror.  I really felt like I was watching a horror movie when watching the scene where the sulfuric acid burned off Vincente’s face. Nasty and creepy.  And seeing that Rowena’s spell didn’t work proves that this Lucifer will be a force to be reckoned with.  Bring it on Supernatural!  I did feel sorry for Rowena though that Crowley interrupted her date for the Lucifer drama. 300 years is a long time to be lonely!


Some of the best scenes in the history of Supernatural have been the conversations in the car where the BM (Boy Melodrama) scenes have taken place.  Mary replaced Sam as Dean’s shotgun car buddy and learned more of the family history she missed while dead and how Sam had gotten out of hunting and attended Stanford.  Mary convinces Dean that since Toni obviously knows everything about he and Sam, she won’t be expecting her so she (Mary) would offer the element of surprise.  So, Dean is captured (trick/bait?) and endures a little brass knuckle mini torture from Toni until mom rides into for rescue.  What the Winchester boys can do, mom can do better!  Loved the fight between Mary and Toni, with Mary holding her own until cheater Toni uses a spell to immobilize Mary.  Dean gets free and renders Toni unconscious, therby breaking the spell.Toni’s British Men of Letters superior Mick enters.  He offers apologies to Sam, Dean and Mary for Toni’s overstepping and tries to get the Winchesters to work along with them.


Back at the Men of Letters bunker, Sam, Dean and Mary share a cute scene in which Mary orders takeout and gives Dean his cherished pie.  And later, Sam and Mary have their own alone time talk.  I wished their conversation would have been longer (maybe we’ll see more moments between the two this season).  “Mamma Mia” offers some good moments but a lot of lost opportunities.  It was like eating pizza without the cheese and tomato sauce (which is basically bread), it was good but something was missing that would have made it better.

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