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A new column at The Nerdy Girl Express is The Miller Twins Talk Supernatural Season 12. Here twins and The Nerdy Girl Express writers, Stacy Miller and Tracy Miller, will share their thoughts about the heroic Winchester boys, Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) as well as the many other wonderful characters on The CW’s longest running show. Will these twins agree on the characters and plot themes for each episode? Read below to find out.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “The Memory Remains” please do not continue reading.


The Winchesters (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) have had their hands full in Season 12 dealing with the British Men of Letters (BMOL) and with their pursuit of Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford). As viewers know, Kline is carrying Lucifer’s baby and the arrival of this Nephilim suggests a powerfully evil entity that will wreck havoc on mankind. The April 13th episode “The Memory Remains”, offered viewers a departure from recent episodes by revisiting classic Supernatural with its urban legends and the boys working together on a monster hunt.

The episode opens with a group of young people camping at night (a definite invitation for disaster on Supernatural but one that the opening teaser guest stars are clearly oblivious to). When one of them, Jared Hayes (David Doheny), wanders off alone in the ominous looking woods, a scent of foreboding perfumes the air. Soon, his screams signify that he is this week’s monster chow (Or, is there something else afoot?) Welcome to the Supernatural opening teaser.

At the bunker, Dean is still trying to locate an MIA Cas (Misha Collins), but all he keeps getting is the angel’s voice mail (“Make your voice a mail” Cas commands on his voice mail message. I LOVE THAT!) while Sam reveals that he was up all night pouring through the many books on demons. Unfortunately, Sam found only a few references to Princes of Hell.  The boys receive an email from Mick (Adam Fergus)-not really from Mick as viewers know, but a duplicitous Mr. Ketch- about a case in Wisconsin where someone goes missing every 20 years.

A short time later, our heroic brothers don suits and fake FBI personas and it is off to question the one eyewitness, Daryn Boston (Antonio Marziale). Daryn is considered a local troublemaker by Sheriff Bishop (Steve Boyle). He tells the boys about the legend of Black Bill.

While Dean is putting his Casanova moves on a local waitress, Sam is diligently researching the lore about Black Bill, a mythical god known as a satyr that feeds on lust.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ketch and his team of BMOL operatives  infiltrate the bunker in order to find out every detail on the Winchesters. For good measure, the BMOL leave behind electronic surveillance devices.

As the plot progresses, we learn that the sheriff’s family owned the meat plant and that he has a strained relationship with his half-brother Pete. For years, the family has been gathering victims as sacrifices to appease the goat-like god known as Moloch.

This episode was an action packed gem that illuminated Supernatural’s greatest strength: The Winchesters. When Dean is captured by Pete (who resolved to make the hunter Moloch’s sacrifice) and Dean finds himself at the mercy of the god, it is Sam who emerges as the hero, killing Moloch with the Colt.

For me, the best part of  the episode was when the boys returned to the bunker and pondered their legacy. Sam astutely concluded: “The people we save are our legacy. They’ll remember us. We left the world better than we found out.” Having Sam and Dean carve their initials into a table in the bunker, a tangible symbol of their presence, was a nice touch (shades of the Season 5 finale Swan Song).

“Now we’re reporting to a low rent Christian Bale.” Dean remarks after learning from Mr. Ketch that he is who they will be reporting to. Of course, the brothers are unaware that the rules of the game have changed and that the BMOL see them as expendable.


Supernatural’s most recent episode “The Memory Remains” went back to basics with a good old school monster hunt. And let me just say, this viewer couldn’t have been happier.  As a fan of the horror stories and urban legends, a case centering on what Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) believed to be Black Bill was right up my alley. Seeing the promos with the alleged “Goat Man” had me eagerly awaiting to see what this creature was and how Sam and Dean were going to put it down…the Winchester way.

But as is so often the case on Supernatural, a ghost isn’t a spirit when it turns out to be something else. Black Bill wasn’t just the monster in the woods smashing people over the head with a hammer-like weapon (that should have been the first clue that it wasn’t a monster. When do monsters use weapons to kill?).  Turns out the monster that was doing the killing was a human (Monsters I get, people are crazy- Dean, “The Benders”) from a family that kept a God named Moloch buried under their house for generations and fed it human blood for the gift of prosperity. Supernatural is no stranger to the making sacrifices to gods…remember the Scarecrow God, The Vanir from way back in the Season 1 episode appropriately titled “Scarecrow”? And the twisted family theme also reaches back to Season 1 in the aforementioned episode “The Benders.” In “The Memory Remains” we have the Bishop family, pillars of the community and owners of the town (in Supernatural speak that means crazy obsessed psychos).  Here we have Sheriff Barrett Bishop (Steve Boyle) and his illegitimate half brother Pete (Ryan MacDonald). Sheriff Bishop grew up in the lap of luxury in the family’s big house while Pete was hidden away in a smaller home (like a bad episode of Dynasty according to Dean), so obviously, Pete had resentment issues. The Bishop family had given Pete the manufacturing plant but Pete used it to get the workers he needed to feed to Moloch.

Less not forget in the God/monster madness, The British Men of Letters (BMOL) have a new agenda: Eliminating the American hunters. But not before learning all they can about the Winchesters.  To that end, Mr. Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) is assigned the job. He sent the text to Sam and Dean from Mick Davies’ (Adam Fergus) phone alerting them to the case to keep them busy so the BMOL could break into the bunker.  Although I didn’t appreciate the BMOL with their hands all over the boys’ stuff, there were some funny lines that came from it.  Like how Sam Winchester gets his hair so shiny and why Dean Winchester likes ratty flannel (ha, ha).  Personally, I like Sam and Dean’s shirts…why are they always getting dissed for their wardrobe?

Anyway, Ketch and the BMOL invade the bunker to a cool James Bond 007 type soundtrack. I chuckled when Mr. Ketch looked through Dean’s Busty Asian Beauties magazine collection. Then, he finds Dean’s cherished photo collection and one in particular caught his eye: The picture of Mary with little boy Dean. The look on Mr. Ketch’s face as he saw the picture spoke volumes; it’s clear he has developed feelings for Mrs. Winchester – where will this lead?

Back at “It’s dinner time for a God,” Pete had planned to feed his brother to Moloch but Sheriff Bishop got a reprieve now that he’s captured Dean.  Fortunately, Sam arrives in the nick of time to save his big brother by shooting the Moloch with The Colt. I was pleased that Sam got to come to Dean’s rescue to save the day.

The episode closes as Mr. Ketch calls Sam and Dean and tells them that they will now be answering to him and not Mick. Ketch also listens in on Sam and Dean’s conversation via the listening device he planted in the bunker.  I wonder if/when Sam and Dean will discover their privacy has been invaded and the nefarious purpose for it.

I found “The Memory Remains” to be an enjoyable episode harking back to the early seasons of Supernatural.  Sam and Dean working the case was the focus and seeing Jared and Jensen in so many scenes throughout the episode was great. Supernatural has become an ensemble series with the addition of regular cast members Misha Collins and Mark Shepphard. Don’t get me wrong, Collins and Sheppard and recurring guest stars have helped pushed Supernatural forward, but I admit that I miss the days of Sam and Dean fighting the good fight; alone but together.  So when we get an episode like “The Memory Remains,” my heart leaps with joy. The episode was the best of both worlds: Sam and Dean prevalent but was still had Mr. Ketch and the BMOL doing their thing.  “The Memory Remains” balanced the old Supernatural with the new.  Well done, Supernatural writers.

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