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A new column at The Nerdy Girl Express is The Miller Twins Talk Supernatural Season 12. Here twins and The Nerdy Girl Express writers, Stacy Miller and Tracy Miller, will share their thoughts about the heroic Winchester boys, Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) as well as the many other wonderful characters on The CW’s longest running show. Will these twins agree on the characters and plot themes for each episode? Read below to find out.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” please do not continue reading.


Hellhounds, those menacing beasts sent to fulfill a crossroads contract by delivering a doomed soul to Hell, have been a part of the Supernatural mythology since their introduction in the Season 2 episode “Crossroad Blues.” When Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) traded his soul to resurrect his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki), hellhounds came collecting in the gut wrenching Season 3 finale “No Rest for The Wicked.” Later, hellhounds killed Jo (Alona Tal) in the Season 5 episode “Abandon All Hope.” We even got to see one of the most ferocious fights between two invisible hell hounds in the Season 5 episode “The Devil May Care”. By Season 7, prophet Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) uncovered that one of the trials to close The Gates of Hell was to kill a hellhound and bathe in its blood.

In tonight’s episode, “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”, writer Davy Perez offers a different spin on hellhounds.

The episode opens with a young couple camping, determined to “commune with nature.” Memo to guest stars: Nothing good on Supernatural ever comes from the woods/camping (think “Wendigo”). Marcus is with his intended Gwen (yes, our soon to be victim was about to propose). Soon, Marcus becomes Hellhound chow, but Gwen escapes.

The Winchesters get wind of the case, don their federal agents attire, and are off to investigate. The local badge brings the boys up to speed on the tragedy. They learn of Marcus’ death and soon go to see the survivor Gwen. Sam thinks it is better if they lie to Gwen instead of telling her the truth about the hellhound. But Gwen is upset because they don’t believe her when she claims to have seen something bizarre. Angrily, she throws them out.  The hellhound is watching their every move and when the brothers leave, it attacks Gwen. Fortunately, Sam and Dean arrive to save her. Before long the Winchesters are educating a disbelieving Gwen on Hellhound 101.  The wrinkle in this instance: neither Gwen nor Marcus made a demon deal, so the prevailing question is, why did the hellhound attack?

The dynamic Marks are back this week (Mark Sheppard and Mark Pellegrino) as Crowley and Lucifer. Their dueling battle of wits are always fun to watch on screen. “You make me your dog. I make you my slave”  Crowley summarizes. But Lucifer is more amused than afraid. Sheppard and Pellegrino continue their onscreen chemistry matching each other quip for quip.

Crowley is uninterested presiding over a meeting to review crossroad deals and “senior management hell issues.” In addition, the King of Hell is perturbed when Dean calls him about the hellhound problem. It seems that Crowley is still holding a grudge over the Winchesters’ role in sending Gavin back in time to his death. Yet, Crowley does go to the boys where he quickly provides hellhound history. Apparently, the hellhound out for revenge against Gwen isn’t your run of the mill hound; rather, she is Ramsey, the first hellhound who broke free and is only loyal to Lucifer. Despite his misgivings, Crowley joins Team Winchester on Operation Track Ramsey. Dean and Crowley will trek through the woods while Sam goes in the Impala with Gwen.

Meanwhile in Hell, Crowley’s minions are Lucifer loyalists; they let Ramsey escape so they could free Lucifer. First, these demons have some demands. The Devil is not amused. As soon as the demons unlock his chains, Lucifer kills them.

In angel happenings: Castiel is searching for Kelly Kline when he spots one of his angelic brothers who informs Castiel that if he kills Kelly he will be accepted back into Heaven. As a show of good faith, the angel and Castiel are at Heaven’s door (that familiar playground sandbox) to presumably go to Heaven for a meeting. The whole time that I was watching this scene, the one notion that was in my head was this seems like a trap.

The pivotal scene of this episode for me was when Sam killed Ramsey (shades of Trial and Error). The special effects creating Ramsey were marvelous and I’m pleased that this is the second week in a row where Sam emerged as a hero. Later, Sam tells Dean that he has been working with The British Men of Letters. Surprisingly, Dean took the news better than I expected. Given his earlier misgivings, I figured that Dean would go on a tirade.

Crowley returns to Hell to find a smug Lucifer sitting on the throne. Satan has won, right? Well, don’t plan the coronation quite yet. Lucifer may be Lucifer but never underestimate the King of Hell. Crowley quickly gets the upper hand. Our industrious Crowley managed to ward every molecule in Lucifer’s vessel with spells so Crowley controls Lucifer’s body.



A Hellhound, the pesky devil dog makes a reappearance in the Supernatural episode “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell.”  But the thing about this particular evil beast is that it was not soul collecting. So, what did it want?  That’s the question that Sam and Dean must answer in order to save a young woman named Gwen, who the hellhound targets after it kills her boyfriend and she attempted to defend herself by hitting it. “Bad pooch” didn’t like to be scolded. Viewers and Sam and Dean learn that the hellhound is Ramsey, Lucifer’s pet and was freed by some demon minions in an attempt to discover what Crowley was hiding.  In addition to the hellhound story, there were plots involving Crowley and Lucifer’s (Mark Sheppard and Mark Pellegrino) battle to see who was more superior, angel or demon and Supernatural’s angel-who-means-well Castiel (hey, I made a rhyme) still trying to track down Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford). So an evil dog, two angels and a demon and two hunting brothers made for a Supernatural episode that included some funny lines.

Davy Perez sure knows how to inject humor into his scripts. My favorites were “Who you gonna call Douchebusters” referring to Mary working a haunting case with The British Men of Letters and the demon with an ambition goal but no plan to back it up wanting to “Make Hell Great Again.”  I especially love seeing Sam and Dean wearing the devil specs.  And can I say how awesome it was that Sam gutted the hellhound like he did in the Season 8 episode “Trial and Error.”  The younger Winchester brother has sat on the sidelines far too long in recent years, so it’s refreshing that he’s taking charge and showing he’s a hero. Alpha Vamp last week, Hellhound this week, Sammy Winchester is on a roll!  With all these blasts from Supernatural’s past, it’s making me think that the Season Finale will include something we’ve seen before that will be a surprising threat.

As the episode concludes, Sam admits to Dean that the cases he’s been getting are from the British Men of Letters.  Although he still doesn’t trust them, the Brits have resources that are useful and because of that, the Alpha Vamp was killed. It looks like Dean is deciding to join his brother and mother and work with them.  But in true Supernatural fashion and what we know about the Winchesters, that decision will probably come back and bite them.

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