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A new column at The Nerdy Girl Express is The Miller Twins Talk Supernatural Season 12. Here twins and The Nerdy Girl Express writers, Stacy Miller and Tracy Miller, will share their thoughts about the heroic Winchester boys, Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) as well as the many other wonderful characters on The CW’s longest running show. Will these twins agree on the characters and plot themes for each episode? Read below to find out.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “Stuck In The Middle (With You)” please do not continue reading.


After his directorial debut for the Hugo Award nominated episode “Just My Imagination”, Supernatural alum Richard Speight Jr. (The Trickster/Gabriel) returned to direct tonight’s episode, “Stuck in the Middle (With You).”  This episode was written by Davy Perez. Perez penned an earlier episode this season, “American Nightmare”, a highly intense outing that was a combination of Supernatural’s trademark horror with a psychological approach (e.g. a young woman wrestling internal demons in her battle not to succumb to murderous urges).

“Stuck in the Middle (With You)” also saw the return of Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith). Mary has a clandestine arrangement with the British Men of Letters (BMOL) and has been keeping the fact that she has been working with the BMOL a secret from her boys (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). Because apparently Mary never got the memo that keeping secrets from each NEVER turns out well for the Winchesters!

A hunter named Wally, who fancies himself a rugaru expert calls a meeting at a diner with hunters Sam, Dean, Mary and angel and hunter-in-training Castiel (Misha Collins) for assistance on a demon problem. Sam complains about the poor Wi-Fi while Dean is amused that a waitress flirts with an oblivious Castiel. Mary takes charge by getting the group to focus on the problem at hand.


Davy Perez’s action-packed script,with a Tarantino story telling style, is well-suited to the quick camera angles under the directorial stewardship of Richard Speight, Jr.  In addition, the background music underscores the various scenes while the ominous ticking sound heightens the dramatic tension.

A seriously injured Castiel raises the stakes for the Winchesters.

When the demon sports yellow eyes and is impervious to the Ruby’s demon knife, viewers are left to ask the $64,000 question: Why?


Enter Crowley (Mark Sheppard). The King of Hell is known for making sudden and unexpected appearances (notably in the Season 6 episode “Family Matters” when we learned that Samuel Campbell was working for Crowley). After a brief introduction to Mary, Crowley explains that the Winchesters are going to die. Crowley’s exposition reveals that this yellow-eyed demon is Ramiel, a Prince of Hell, an old demon breed that was created after first demon Lilith. Viewers are treated to a flashback from six years earlier when then Crossroads Demon Crowley met Ramiel. At the time both Lucifer and Michael were in the Cage so Crowley proposed that Ramiel assume the throne as King of Hell. However, Ramiel craved peace so he came up with a counteroffer where Crowley would be installed as the King of Hell. In addition, Ramiel promised unimaginable misery to Crowley if the Princes of Hell were disturbed.

This is an ingenious writing strategy by Perez, who not only succeeds in highlighting Supernatural’s rich mythology but also whets the curiosity of newbies to the show. Such is a delicate tightrope for Perez; he walks this tightrope without a misstep.

“Stuck in the Middle (With You)” was a heart pounding hour of television that delighted in several shockers: We saw the return of the Colt and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino).

A solid script, directorial excellence, flawless camera work coupled by stellar acting made for a first rate episode.


I must admit I was eagerly anticipating the airing of “Stuck In The Middle (With You)”.  When I interviewed Supernatural writer Davy Perez last year and he mentioned that the second episode he wrote for Season 12 had material that would excite loyal fans and contain things we love about the series, I was intrigued.  What would Perez’s script be like and what kind of things would we see? Well, thank you Davy Perez for taking us on a thrill ride of action and Supernatural memories!

“Stuck In The Middle (With You)” was basically a study of the perils of the hunting world of Supernatural: Incomplete information equals injury and casualty, what you think you are hunting usually turns out to be something far worst and finally, how help comes from the unexpected.  So in the story, Mary (Samantha Smith) has assembled an elite team of highly skilled hunters – sons Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean, (Jensen Ackles) who’s wins and losses balance each other, Wally, a hunter we’ve only met in one other previous episode and Castiel, the angel and would-be-hunter who tries so hard but often is more of a liability than an asset. But no big, the case is a simple demon hunt, what could possibly go wrong? Hello, this is Supernatural– what couldn’t go wrong?  The hunters walk into a demon trap and get their asses handed to them. But the biggest shock is the demon who can’t be killed with Ruby’s demon killing knife and oh yeah, he sports yellow eyes! And let’s not forget that he has this huge lance that he seems to pull from his back. That lance is one scary weapon and is a pain in the butt/chest for Castiel when he gets stabbed with the thing.  Where would a demon get such a weapon? And why can’t Castiel, an angel heal himself of his injuries? Questions, questions, questions and thankfully, answers are forthcoming via our favorite demon we love to hate but totally love Crowley.

Davy Perez connects some long separated dots: We learn about yellow eyed demons and how Crowley (Mark Sheppard) became King of Hell.  My favorite Supernatural moments always involve dangerous hunts that leave one of our heroes facing their mortality. In these we get chick flick moments that cause us to shed more than “a single man or woman tear.” In this episode, when it looks like Castiel will die, he tells the Winchesters “Knowing you has been the best part of my life, you’re my family.” Aw…I’m bawling like a baby!  But Dean refuses to give up on his friend.  Team Winchester face Ramiel (Jerry Trimble). But it is Sam and Crowley that save the day with little bro Winchester killing Ramiel and The King of Hell saving Castiel’s life.


Mary is proving this season that she is a hunter that calls the shots. Samantha Smith’s Mary was always a beloved character but the layers she’s bring to Mary have been amazing. Castiel and Crowley’s love/hate relationship is a delight, they pretend to be enemies but when the chips are down come through for each other and Jerry Trimble as Ramiel was a welcome surprise. He was a villain who was a force to be reckoned with.

Davy Perez’s script, Richard Speight, Jr.’s direction and the actors made for a trifecta of entertainment goodness. Kudos all around.

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    1. Unless you want to count that Cas didn’t kill Crowley when he took in all the souls like he did Rafael in The Man Who Knew Too Much.


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