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On November 2, 1983, a family’s life was changed by the strange death of a mother. That mother was Supernatural’s Mary Winchester.

Finding his wife on the ceiling and being engulfed in flames wasn’t what could be called an accidental death, she had been murdered.  But by what?  This was when John Winchester decided that he would devote his life to learning all he could about the supernatural and to train his boys, Sam and Dean to protect themselves from the deadly threats.  Thus, the family business of  ‘saving people, hunting things’ was born.


Eldest son Dean was a natural born hunter as well as a dutiful son, following his dad’s orders without question.  However, his brother Sam was different.  Sammy (as he was known by his family) wanted a normal life.  Sure he was an expert researcher and skillful hunter, but killing monsters wasn’t how he chose to live his life.  After a bad argument with his father over his decision to no longer hunt, Sam left home and attended Stanford.  He met Jessica Moore and for the first time, he saw a promising future.

That is, until Dean showed up at Stanford announcing “Dad’s missing, I need you to help me find him,” and adding “I can’t do this alone.”  Sam wasn’t entirely on board with rejoining the hunting Winchesters.  But when Jessica was killed in the same way as his mother, a grief stricken and revenge seeking Sam vowed to find the thing that killed her.


Sam and Dean took to the road in a 1967 Chevy Impala tracking and killing evil.  There were victories but sadly, a lot of tragedies and death. And trips to Hell.

The Winchester brothers got to see their mother Mary several times. As a spirit who saved them when an evil entity threatened their old house and the family currently living there.download-7

Then, when Dean traveled back in time to 1973 and learned his mother came from a long line of hunters. And again (this time with Sam) in 1978 as angel Anna attempted to kill Mary (as well as John) to keep Sam and Dean from being born.


And now, Mary Winchester has been returned from death by God’s sister Amara. But the family reunion hasn’t gone smoothly with Mary feeling out of place.  Thirty-three years is a long separation. Mary announced that she needed time.cwhw6ypuaaam2iu

So on this November 2, we remember the Winchester family’s loss and pain that set Sam and Dean on the life of a hunter.

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