The Creators #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Imagine you could bring anything you created to life just by willing it? In The Creators first issue we are introduced to a world where teenagers find themselves developing creative powers that allow them to do just that.

The Creators starts off by introducing us to Maya and her family. Her parents have realized that she has creative powers, but aren’t sure what to do now that they know. While they decide we meet a young creator, who in a fit of anger brings to life a massive elephantine beast. As the monster begins destroying things around him, government agents arrive to subdue the child and his creation. It is later revealed that Creators have to be registered and a school has been created to protect and train them in how to use their powers. After Maya and her parents fight about just what her future will be, the story takes a tragic turn. Read The Creators #1 today to find out just what happens!


What I enjoyed the most in The Creators was the main idea of making creative ideas corporeal. It literally creates a world where those with enhanced creativity can bring their creations to life. There are elements that definitely reminded me of X-Men, primarily the idea of a special school. I am very interested to see just what this school is like and who the government agents are behind those mysterious masks in the coming issues. Also I absolutely adore the creatures that come to life.


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