@MandyRowden ‘s 1000 Miles Album Review via @stacyamiller85 #1000Miles

Okay, it’s been a little over a month since the release of singer/songwriter’s second album 1000 Miles. And if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Austin Texas native Mandy Rowden has a way of drawing you in and fueling your emotions through haunting lyrics, power vocals and stirring instrumentals. As with her debut album These Bad Habits, the tunes on 1000 Miles are appealing to the music lover.

The track “Let Me In” is like Rowden is inviting the listener into her heart and soul. The pain of an end of a relationship is brilliantly felt through Mandy’s rich voice. But there’s hope of endurance and happiness to be felt again. Here is an artist who knows how to reach people through her music.  What’s special about Mandy Rowden and 1000 Miles is that the songs on this album aren’t pigeon-holed into a singular type of music genre or sound. And like the average music listener who may be in a different mood or feeling depending on the day, 1000 Miles gives you something to fit all that you crave.

The tracks include:

1.Let Me In

2.1,000 Miles

3. Flood Song

4. Big Moon

5. Were You In Love

6. Amazing Grace

7.  Think About Me

8.  5 Oclock World

9.  No Greater Silence

10. Lost Love

The uniquely pleasing way that Mandy Rowden sings “Amazing Grace” makes this rendition even more amazing, but I must admit, “Let Me In” is my favorite track on the album. Take a look:

I encourage everyone to check out Mandy Rowden’s 1000 Miles.  This Yellow Rose of Texas is no wilting flower and in her voice and music, you’ll find power.

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