The Shepherd: Apokatastasis @CaliberComics Review from @kleffnotes ( @SherpherdCaliber )

A grieving father makes a journey beyond the veil of death in an attempt to save the son he fears cannot move on. The Shepherd: Apokatastasis is a inventive story that plays on older works like those by Dante Alighieri and Virgil, which examined what awaited those in the afterlife. This story will move you as you find yourself connecting with the path our main character, Lawrence Miller goes on.

The Shepherd opens with an explanation of where this comic came from which you absolutely need to read. Andrea Lorenzo Molinari, a Ph.D . holding theologian, came upon this story in a nightmare and with the urging of his son he decided to turn what terrified him into a heart-wrenching story of lose and redemption. In this comic Lawrence Miller, a theologian inspired by the author’s own life, is stunned one night to learn that his son Val has overdosed at a party. Over the course of a year he grows more and more distant from his family, then after constantly feeling that his son has not passed over, Lawrence chooses to kill himself so that he can search for his son. When he enters what we learn is called The Seam, Lawrence finds himself reuniting with his father. There is no sign of Val and Lawrence decides that he will not cross over until he can find him. He decides that not only will he search for his son, but he will also seek revenge upon the men who provided him with drugs. His father gifts him with the Staff of Truth and when he rests near the gravestone that he now shares with his son, Lawrence also gains a deadly canine companion, Legio. The two hunt down the men Lawrence feels should be punished, but his story is so much more complex than a mere tale of vengeance.


I found myself so engrossed in this comic that I read it all in one sitting. Lawrence’s quest to find his son is captivating. The action sequences are dynamically drawn and the moments focused on the Miller family are beautifully written. If you are looking for a comic with an unconventional hero, this comic is definitely for you. Not only is the story interesting and engaging, but Molinari also includes a theological lesson at the end that explains where the subtitle of this volume came from. Reading this work will not only entertain you, but also educate you. I look forward to seeing further stories with The Shepherd and Legio. You can check out the first issue of The Shepherd for free on their Facebook page. You can purchase The Shepherd from Caliber Comics OnlineComixologyDriveThruComicsAmazon, or from your local comic book store, the item code is NOV151223.


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