Salt @CaliberComics Review from @kleffnotes

Salt is the sequel to Daniel Boyd’s Carbon comic, which was focused on Heat Hatfield and his return to his coal mining hometown of Eden Hallow. At the end of that comic the town had been thrust into a terrifyingly dark and dangerous situation after Eden Energy led to the rise of dangerous beings from underground, while also triggering a massive fire and polluting all of the resources within the vicinity of the mines. With the heat rising the survivors were making their way to Charleston, where they learn the current Commander-in-Chief, a member of the newly created Liberty Party who has taken over command after the death of the president and a number of other high ranking officials, has set up his base of operations. Much like in Carbon, we open with a religious discussion of what has just happened and the frighteningly dangerous heat.

When one of the former miners dies, Heat is asked to join the circle of survivors and in that moment he touches the man’s body. In that moment there’s a spark and Heat suddenly is shown the path of creation that led to this moment. The dead man then decrees that Heat must “Go to the burning stream, make red salt.” While they think they are safe, the Eden Hallow survivors are attacked by sheves, as the rest of the world fears what could be the unstoppable end. A militia arrives, but while they insist they are here to help the survivors things become violent. The survivors manage to make their way out by stealing vehicles, but the militia has gained a number of things that the government wants in order to prove that the end is upon them. A fight breaks out, which leads to a baseball game where Heat finally achieves his one goal in life. The sheves also welcome their first ever male through a dangerous medical procedure. In a final battle on the water the survivors face massive casualties, but one moment will decide the future. The comic ends by jumping one million years into the future with The Book of Nelson. The salt breaks and though there have been loses, there is still a happy ending.


The story within Salt showcases a number of societal and political concerns. Expanding on religious aspects presented in Carbon, Salt shows the connection of religion and politics as well as how religion can bring together those in dangerous circumstances. There is also a section of the comic that briefly examines racism, which all happens while focusing on how humankind influences the environment. I enjoyed reading this comic and really appreciated the ending and the connection it made back to the start of Carbon. You can find information on where to find Salt on Daniel Boyd’s Website.


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