The Creators #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

The Creators returns with a second issue that reveals what was happening to Maya after the death of her parents, but before the arrival of the police and the dangerous agents. In this dramatic and action packed issue a number of things will be revealed that will impact all we know about Creators.

After the violent death of her parents and the unplanned death of their murderer through the power of her creative mind, Maya has hidden herself away in the basement. While her other creatures have dissipated there is still one looking out for her. Kardunn, a hoofed and horned being who only wishes to protect and care for her creator. Maya’s creation brings her food, reads her stories, and when the police arrive she goes out of her way to protect her. As the agents draw in, Kardunn rushes to Maya’s defense, but as they attempt to avoid capture, the duo involuntary cause the death of one civilian and one of the agents. Their life in hiding is cut short after they are spotted at a department store and the pair find themselves at the Creator Academy run by Morgan Etain. Though this is a school Maya and Kardunn may be in far more danger within these walls than they ever were in the real world.


I loved the introduction of Kardunn in this comic and I really enjoy the dynamic created between her and Maya. It reminded me a bit of the sort of relationship between daemons and people within the His Dark Materials books. The action sequences in this issue were also super dramatic and dynamic. I look forward to seeing more moments with the creations in action. The backstory for Morgan was also very intriguing. I definitely don’t trust her, but I do look forward to seeing just what her plans are for the creators and their creations in the coming issues.


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