Non #NationalUglySweaterDay with #Supernatural ‘s Sam & Dean via @stacyamiller85

Today is National Ugly Sweater Day.

But I’m not going to talk about those so-called ugly Christmas sweaters because for one thing, I don’t think they’re ugly.  Anyone with the joy in their heart and wants to wear a Christmas sweater shouldn’t be criticized for it.  Plus, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In Season 2, Episode 20 “What Is and What Should Never Be” of The CW’s Supernatural, we got a look in a photo of the Winchester family; John, Mary, Dean and Sam wearing their best Christmas sweaters (But alas, this was a Djinn induced dream for Dean).download

Although Sam and Dean’s preferred attire are flannel and jeans and their work attire when they pretend to be FBI agents are suits, the brothers Winchester did wear sweaters a few times for cases.


We can’t all look like Sam and Dean in our sweaters.  But sweaters offer warmth and for some fashion.  So whether you like the sweater or not, think before you call it ugly.  I’m still waiting for the Supernatural episode where Sam and Dean wear their Christmas sweaters.  It probably won’t happen, but I can hope…can’t I?

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