@Scrimshawcomic #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes ( @HordeMedia )

After taking the mystical mollusk, though that isn’t the official name for the strange hallucinogenic octopus that Hans and his crew on the Runaway Horse managed to steal in Scrimshaw #1, they are being hunted by Danny Yuda. In this second issue we learn how the crew survives on the open sea and just some of the work they do to survive. We also get a glimpse at the dark past of the dangerous Yuda.As the Runaway Horse prepares to go fishing for behemoths, genetically engineered massive fish that resemble whales, Yuda is preparing for his own sort of hunting trip. He commandeers a slave ship, The Cambuk,  through a bit of violence and one very interesting job offer. Then he sets out to retrieve the Tanto Company’s property. Once Yuda makes contact with the Runaway Horse he thinks that his plan will work perfectly, but he doesn’t understand just what sort of crew he is facing. Hans sets to work making sure Yuda won’t succeed in his ventures and that their cargo will remain safe. Just what has Hans set in motion and will Yuda find a way to succeed? These are just some of the questions about the world of Scrimshaw that will keep you coming back for more!


This issue of Scrimshaw reminded me a great deal of the tv series Firefly. While I do still get a very strong anima/manga feel from it, based on the art and some of the writing techniques, with more time spent on showing how the crew acts together I get very strong Firefly vibes. I really enjoy learning more about this world and seeing the sort of people who live within this future. I also love that the end of each comic includes character studies, sketches, and details about characters that grow the world outside of the main plot. It also shows just how much work has been put into growing this future world into such a complex comic.


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