@makemineINDIE Winter 2016 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes ( @215ink )

Make Mine Indie is a great collection of comic reviews, interviews, articles, and previews for upcoming comics. The Winter Issue, which comes out on December 21st, includes a number of previews for comics that I have reviewed in the past as well as some comics that definitely grabbed my attention.

The cover story is focused on Alterna Comics’ Croak series, which is a frighteningly wonderful horror comic that I reviewed from beginning to end. Not only does Make Mine Indie have details about all three comics in the series, but it also includes a great interview with Cody Andrew Sousa. There’s also a great introduction and a review for the series Cannons in the Clouds, which is full of piracy in the high skies, yes, sky pirates. You can also get a feel for the very cool IF Anthology: Super Powers, which I’ve talked about on The Nerdy Girl Express before.

215 Ink has a look at a really interesting comic, Teeter Topple that reminds me of a technicolor re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland as well as a very intriguing transdimensional space comic, Supernaut, that sounds like it will be full of danger, deception, and awesome adventures. It also has a really detailed interview with Supernaut’s creator, Michael David Nelsen. There are a number of diverse comics within this issue, including a fun kid friendly comic, Lacey and Lily, which looks like a great way to introduce young girls into comic books.

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