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For 12 seasons, the hunting adventures and family drama of Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) on The CW’s Supernatural have excited fans.  We’ve laughed over funny moments, cheered for their triumphs (take that Azazel, Lilith etc) and cried over their tragic losses (deaths…so, so, so many deaths).  But through it all, we’ve believed in Sam and Dean, their hunting skill and their undeniable brotherly love.

Jared and Jensen have done a fabulous job bringing these characters to life. After playing these men for years, they ARE Sam and Dean. They deserve all the accolades that have been bestowed upon them these last 12 years.  But we also need to acknowledge an important part of the creation and development of Sam and Dean Winchester lies in several foundation guidelines they were given (no, I’m not talking about the hunting training dad John Winchester drilled into their heads like, well a drill sergeant) what I’m talking about is a powerful force that aided them in their supernatural fight…the writers.

Eric Kripke created the characters on Supernatural but a large part of the credit for their progression (actors aside) must be given to the talented writing team on the series. Supernatural has been fortunate in hiring some of the most talented and creative writers in the industry. And in Season 12, a new crop of writers have joined the show for spinning tales of writing magic when it comes to story telling to rival Rowena’s witch magic.  I’d like to talk about three of these new writers: Davy Perez, Steve Yockey and Meredith Glynn.  In this current season of Supernatural, we have the back-from-the-dead Mary Winchester trying to find her place in a world in which she’s been gone for thirty-three years, The British Men of Letters- To trust them or not to trust them? That is Sam and Dean’s question.  And of course I Love Luci (not) fer. In these story lines, Supernatural writers Perez, Yockey and Glynn are giving us what we love best – family drama, questionable allies and a Big Bad who seems hard to beat.

I had the privilege of interviewing Davy Perez after the airing of the episode he wrote Episode 4 “American Nightmare” in which a young psychic girl Magda was accused of being evil because her overly religious family didn’t understand her abilities. During the interview Perez and I talked about the kind of Supernatural episodes he enjoys and what influences his writing.


Meredith Glynn penned the Season 12, Episode 5 “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” featuring the return Aaron Bass and the dreaded Nazi necromancers, The Thule. The episode has the great Dean line “I killed Hitler.”


In “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox,” Steve Yockey brings a group of hunters together (including Mary and Jody Mills) to honor a fellow fallen hunter.  What was interesting about this episode was that although she wasn’t present as her own sons were growing up, Mary influenced another boy to want to devote his life to saving innocent people by becoming a hunter.  Additionally, it was an different take on the dangers of Crossroad Demons.

The new writers of Supernatural have a difficult challenge: Take the recipe (show history) that is Supernatural that was passed down to them (by Kripke and former writers), blend it with their own ingredients and serve it up to viewers without changing the taste too much that makes it hard to digest. I feel that the pen (computer) is mightier than the sword (or Angel blade), and these Scribes of Winchester are making Chuck proud.

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