Examining an Episode from The Twilight Zone Marathon on @Syfy “Nick of Time” from @kleffnotes

For my final episode examination from The Twilight Zone Marathon on Syfy, which ended on Monday of this week, I wanted to discuss what is possibly my favorite Twilight Zone episode. Nick of Time stars a young William Shatner as a recently married man, whose car breaks down in a small Ohio town as he and his new wife are making their way home.

When the car breaks down Don and Pat Carter decide to spend the time they’re waiting in the Busy Bee Cafe. While they eat lunch Don begins playing with the coin operated fortune teller on the table. The mildly ominous bobble-head Satan glimmers each time Don asks a new questions. He asks it about a promotion at work and upon calling the office is astonished to learn he has been promoted. Don continues to ask more questions and eventually asks when they can leave the diner, through a series of yes/no questions. When the fortunes seem to indicate that the couple should leave at 3, Pat urges Don to leave early, but he tries to stall for as long as possible. The couple winds up leaving before the time has run out and an accident almost happens. This reinforces to Don that the fortune teller can truly see into the future.


He rushes back to the diner and continues to ask the fortune teller questions. Pat is very worried that Don is becoming irrationally obsessed and winds up urging him to leave the diner after their car is finished. When the couple does leave, we see another, slightly older, couple sit down at the same booth. The husband begins asking if they can leave the town now and it appears that this couple has been brought under the sway of the demon topped fortune teller. Not only is this episode set in Ohio, which makes me smile, but the obsession with trying to learn your fate is something so believable. It is completely possible for a superstitious person to become enraptured by a device that seems to be telling them exactly what will happen.


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