Trespasser Graphic Novel @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

The world has become a dangerous place and a man, his young daughter Maria, and their dog Belle are just trying to survive. They’ve been living hidden on the family farmstead for years only leaving to find food, when something unexpected happens. In the collected graphic novel of Trespasser we get to see what happens when a bad situation takes a turn for the worse.

Dedicated father Hector works to provide his daughter with the best life that he can following an alien invasion that has set the world on edge. While hunting with the family dog for some form of edible meal he finds an injured invader. Surprisingly he decides to bring the alien back to their home to help it heal. When he can’t communicate with the guest and a complete lack of food at the farm Hector makes a dangerous and homicidal decision. He refuses to tell his daughter what it is their eating, but he becomes worried when he finds boils on his skin. Maria insists that she is fine, until the two have a massive fight in the woods. She reveals that she knew all along that they ate the injured alien and that she hopes she dies to get away from him. The two are becoming more and more ill, but medical care is too far away. With all of this going on, the father and daughter are met with more tragedy when Belle, who had been missing, reappears with a strange metal device in her head. When Hector removes it the oddly behaving dog suddenly dies. Strange things continue to happen and Maria is growing worse. Hector fears that she won’t survive, but suddenly more aliens arrive at the home. To find out everything that happened at the farm and what will happen to Hector and Maria you’ll have to check out the graphic novel, available on Comixology.


I had previously read the final issue of this comic without knowing what happened in the previous issues. The story was engaging and I was desperate to know what had happened in the previous issues and what would happen to Maria and Hector in the future. I had not anticipated the cannibalism, well I guess alienism that happened in this series. The story was much darker and the ending shocked me. The series is a new take on the alien invasion idea, which will surprise even avid sci-fi readers. I really enjoyed the story telling within this comic and how the ending hinted at earlier elements of the plot. I definitely think this is a must read from Alterna Comics.


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