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“The Big Day” aired January 17, 2017 and is a prequel to the Pilot of NBC’s This Is Us.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “The Big Day,” please do not continue reading.

The writers of This Is Us gave viewers an episode that explored the characters of the three men responsible for The Big Three – Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), the children’s father, Dr. K. (Gerard McRaney) and Joe (Kraig Dane), the fireman who found Randall as a baby and brought him to the hospital.  Each of these men are strong individuals living for the love of the women that matter most to them.



When your wife is pregnant with triplets, you do everything you can to help make her happy and comfortable. Jack Pearson is a fabulous husband even when wife Rebecca is “being a monster” (her words).  One minute, Rebecca loves being pregnant as she and Jack talk about possible names for their babies and the next, she hates being pregnant as none of her shoes fit and she has to stand by the open refrigerator because she’s so hot. And to make matters worst, Rebecca orders Jack out of the house. “Dear God if you’re listening, I’m concerned that my wife may be possessed by demons,” Jack prays as he drives off to meet his friend Miguel.  But all Jack can think about is Rebecca and his unborn children.  He doesn’t care how Rebecca is treating him, he loves her and wants to freeze time so he can get more of it. Aw…when Rebecca later talks to her unborn babies about how awesome their father is, she’s right.  Jack has a great personality, takes anything that is thrown at him and uses it to make his family happy.  His wife and his children always come first.

Dr. K


Dr. Katowsky (Dr. K for short), has spent his life delivering babies following the death of his and wife Caroline’s first child. But Dr. K is dealing with grief and pain due to Caroline’s death in 1979, the year before the birth of the Pearson babies. Despite his children’s wish for him to move on, when you are married for over fifty years to the love of your life, that’s easier said than done and takes longer than a year. After Jack lost his own son, Dr. K gave him some good advice on taking the worst thing that happens to you in life and making the best of it.  Because of Dr. K, Randall became a Pearson.  Although he’ll always love his wife, Dr. K decides to go out with Anne (Susan Blakely). The scene where Dr. K talks to Caroline at her grave is a powerful one and shows how much he loved his wife. Gerard McRaney has made Dr. K an important part of This Is Us history.

Joe, The Fireman


The fireman who brought an abandoned infant to the hospital. He is a hero that helped bring a family together.  But who was the man who gave Randall the Pearsons? In “The Big Day,” we learn more about him.  His name is Joe. He is a dedicated fireman but unfortunately, his home life is not going well. Joe and his wife Samantha (Victoria Kull) are having marital problems.  When an abandoned infant is left at the fire station where he works, Joe considers keeping the baby as he and Samantha have been trying to have a baby.  But she reminds him that he would be committing a crime if they did so.  Joe wasn’t thinking about keeping the baby being a crime, he just believed that a child would bring them back together. Like Jack, Joe loves his wife and wants to make Samantha happy.  But he seems to be a good man and therefore does the right thing and brings the baby to the hospital.  Samantha realizes how much Joe loves her and is trying so she suggests they start over.

Three men. Different backgrounds and history but brought together by life circumstances. The tale of these three men is the foundation of The Big Three.

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