The Wicked Righteous #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

A mysterious illness brought on by biological warfare has led to the devastation of Earth’s population. There are two divisions of survivors and within this breakdown there are four brothers who have been tasked with maintaining their belief in God by their religious father. These young boys, each named after one of four Gospels, are trying to survive two years later with the help of their uncle, when they find themselves drawn into something unexpected.

Lucas has gone out to leave food for a girl he has been helping and to try and find an inhaler for his sick younger brother. While he’s out in the city, which is falling apart, he meets a frightening boy named Billy. After accidentally shooting at him, Lucas offers to help Billy, but tells him that he can’t come with him to where he and the rest of his family are staying. Billy goes off on him and threatens him by saying that he’ll be sorry for everything he’s done. During this scene we also learn that Lucas has very vivid and often frightening dreams. When Lucas meets up with his family he gets into a fight with his older brother, Matthew. It seems that while Matthew has maintained his faith, that Lucas has been separating himself from it. When Lucas decides to go back to find Billy the others come with him and they watch as the young woman Lucas has been helping is kidnapped. This leads to a rescue mission with some very high casualties and reveals to us a frightening criminal element.


When The Wicked Righteous began I was immensely curious to see just what the disease that tore through the population would do. With some adults still living through it, I’m not sure just what it could be or what it could have been designed to target. I’m hoping to learn more about it in later issues. The family dynamic between the brothers is interesting and I am wondering if there is a reason that Lucas has such vivid dreams. My first thought was that he is having visions combined with religious images and if the other brothers have some sort of special abilities that fit with that. I absolutely was not excepting what happened in the shoot out and I was not prepared for it at all. I feel like I should have picked up on it earlier, but I was still surprised. I am looking forward to see what happens in later issues and what will happen with the family.


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