The Magicians is Back! ( @MagiciansSyfy ) from @kleffnotes

We return to Fillory with the debut of the second season of The Magicians airing tonight on Syfy. With the finale of season one I’ve been desperate for more episodes and I didn’t even watch the first season live. I finished binging over the winter holidays, but for those of you who watched season one as it aired I can’t even imagine how intense your anticipation levels must have been. With all of us at peak excitement let’s chat about what’s to come.

I will admit that I have not read the books for The Magicians series yet. The first book is currently on my night stand, but I just started it on Monday. With no prior knowledge of the plots that exist within the book series I will admit that I was in shock at the end of the first season. It looked as though all of the magicians, excluding Julia, had met a terrible fate. The most shocking moment for me was that Penny lost his hands, that’s just so evil. When the screen went black and the credits started rolling on the 13th episode I yelled “How?!” at the screen. This seemed like such a final moment for the characters and my immediate reaction was how do you have a second season with the same characters when that just happened? After a few minutes of shock I remembered, magic.

The trailers for season two have shown us that our beloved main characters all return and that they must protect the magic in Fillory. As it turns out if magic dies there then it dies everywhere. The Magicians are now the champions of magic, which means that things are going to get even more magical. We’ve seen Julia interacting with The Beast after her unexpected attack on him in the finale and the trailers have shown the others using some dramatic battle magic. Fillory is also showing itself to be more and more dangerous as they spend more time there. Not only that, but Elliot has been able to bestow royal titles on three of the other magicians, which seems destined to lead to even more danger. I can’t wait to see just what lies ahead for the Brakebills contingent and the hedge witches.

Join me for the premiere at 9 pm est on Syfy, I’ll be live tweeting from The Nerdy Girl Express, @thenerdygirlexp, and my own account, @kleffnotes.

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