#CrazyExGirlfriend The Friendship of Darryl and Paula via @stacyamiller85 @mrpetegardner @DLChamplin

The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend explores relationships through witty dialogue and clever songs.

Rebecca Bunch’s (Rachel Bloom) relationship with Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) is at the forefront of stories.  However, Rebecca and Josh aren’t the only male/female relationship explored. In season two, viewers learned more about married couple Scott and Paula Proctor (Steve Monroe and Donna Lynne Champlin). Paula’s decision to attend law school forced the couple to make adjustments to their lifestyle in order to meet their family’s needs. And like all couples, the Proctor’s marriage has been tested.

But Scott and her sons aren’t the only men in Paula’s life. She has a friendship with her boss Darryl Whitefeather (Pete Gardner).  And let me just say, Donna Lynne Champlin and Pete Gardner are magic when sharing screen time. As a former paralegal, I know working in a law office can be stressful. But employees at Whitefeather and Associates (now Plimpton, Plimpton and Plimpton) know that Darryl is in their corner. His affection for Paula is no secret.  He often refers to her as his best friend. Darryl cares about Paula, which explains his constant eavesdropping on her conversations. In turn, Paula never wants to hurt Darryl’s feelings and may find his meddling difficult. In the recent episode “Josh is the Man of my Dreams, Right?” Darryl took it upon himself to call Paula’s husband Scott so the two could talk and work on getting back together. Paula was furious with his interference. But realizing it was out of genuine concern, she forgave Darryl. This led to Darryl singing and playing the ukulele a song called “You’re My Best Friend (But I Know I’m Not Yours).”  I loved this song!  It expressed Darryl’s acknowledgement of his role in Paula’s life. And Paula telling Darryl that he’s her best male friend was perfect.  It showed that Paula values Darryl and his feelings and appreciates his friendship.  I adore seeing Darryl and Paula in scenes together. It seems that television is constantly pairing people in romantic relationships. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s refreshing to see a male and female friendship without the love entanglement.

Thank you Crazy Ex-Girlfriend from showing the special friendship of Darryl and Paula.

Update: In Season 3, Darryl wanted to have a baby with his boyfriend White Josh. But when White Josh decided he didn’t want a child, he and Darryl broke up.  Now, Darryl has decided to go in it alone.  But he’s not alone as friend Paula is by his side, helping him chose the perfect egg donor.  Paula and Darryl have a special kind of friendship, which adds to what makes Crazy Ex-Girlfriend so special.

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