The Creators #3 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

After being enrolled in the Creator Academy and separated from her Creation Kardunn, Maya is attempting to cope with all of the change as well as the diabolical workings of Morgan Etain. This issue presents the school and just how Creators first began, though you’ll have to follow the rules or you just might wind up in detention.

Maya is taken on her tour of the Academy and learns that most classes are normal, but students are all taught about the history of Creation and are given time within a monitored area to work on honing their skills. Beyond that time they are not allowed to draw at all and to limit this they are all given electronic Smart Pads with all the information they will need. As she starts classes, Maya learns detention is given out for even the most minor infraction and when she tries to find out what has happened to Kardunn no one will tell her. We receive an explanation of who the first three Creators were and what led to this desire by the public to keep Creators in controlled environments. When these three began to lose their powers, suddenly hundreds of teenagers began presenting Creator abilities. Then in an attempt to control these young people, without killing them, Morgan Etain and a former FBI agent, Thomas Sheridan, set up The Bureau of Creative Enforcement. During class Maya suddenly gets a headache and notices a girl at lunch, Roxie, appearing to suddenly get one too. Later while in her first drawing class, she watches as students are allowed to Create within a controlled area. Two students are allowed to Create and their is a violent outbreak, which leads to detention. While students seem shocked, Morgan is pleased by the events.


Learning how Creators came to be in this issue was really interesting and helped explain just how The Creator Academy came to exist. We also got a bit more insight into Morgan Etains’ background, though it does seem like there is far more happening behind the scenes that could be deadly. Having Maya notice another student getting a headache like she did seems to hint that there is at least one other Creator like her who is bound to one Creation. I was hoping to see more of Kardunn, but this issue did help explain a lot about the universe that the comics are set in. I’m also really enjoying seeing the Creations because they are just so interestingly designed.


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