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A case involving credit card fraud was the focus of CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Mistaken Identities.”

As the episode opens, we see a homeless man (Sean Freeland) being given a roll of cash and told there’s more where that came from.


Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) meet with Larry Fisk (Daryn Kahn), who tells them that his credit cards were stolen.  Fisk appears upset and worried how the identity theft will ruin his credit.

Meanwhile, Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) is rushing to get to an audition for a play.  She tells Preston (Bret Green) and Noah (Harrison Knight) that her audition piece will be a scene from Romeo and Juliet. The playwright, Lacey (Maryam Cné) seems impressed with Veronica’s reading. Lacey thanks Veronica for auditioning and tells her that they’ll let her know.  However when Veronica doesn’t hear anything right away, she fears she botched the audition. She’s elated when she receives a message saying she got a callback to read an actual scene from the play. At the scene reading, Lacey tells her that Veronica will be reading for the role of Becky and Lacey will read opposite her as Sam. Veronica asks whether the part of Sam has be cast yet.  Lacey will be playing Sam, which is short for Samantha. The play is about a girl who comes out to her family. Veronica is taken aback when she’s told that the scene ends with a kiss between Sam and Becky. Lacey takes Veronica’s reaction as her being uncomfortable with the subject matter, thanks Veronica for coming in and tells her she’ll be in touch.


Amanda and Mitch watch security footage of an electronic’s store and see a man buying thousands of dollars worth of laptops.  Amanda thinks it’s strange that the alleged perpentrator didn’t try to conceal his identity.Additional footage of outside the building shows that the man is obviously homeless. So, Mitch and Amanda reason that he must be working for someone. The homeless man is brought into postal inspector headquarters and questioned. He says he doesn’t know where he got the credit cards and gives a less than accurate description of the person who paid him to use the credit cards to buy the laptops.


Amanda calls Larry Fisk to update him on their investigation.  After he hangs up the phone with Amanda, we see that Fisk has all the laptops that the homeless man purchased and is putting shipping labels on them to resell.

Veronica is angry with herself for ruining the callback.  She tells Preston that she doesn’t care that Lacey is gay, she was just momentarily surprised that the scene involved a kiss. After remembering a conversation with his father about not judging and making an enemy where there isn’t one, Preston goes to talk with Lacey.  He tells her that she got the wrong idea about Veronica, who is a great person to have in your corner. Preston asks Lacey to give Veronica another chance.

Mitch is able to trace the registered serial numbers from the stolen laptops.  He finds the IP address of the user who sold the laptops online.  It is Larry Fisk.  Mitch and Amanda bring Fisk back in and tell him that they caught the person responsible for the credit card fraud. There’s good news and bad news – The bad news is that they know he is the guilty party, the good news is the his credit will probably be cleared once he gets out of prison!

At The University Grind, Veronica is furious that Preston went behind her back and talked with Lacey. But Lacey arrives with the script and gives Veronica rehearsal information. Lacey tells Veronica that although Preston may be pushy, he’s a good friend. Later when the reviews come out, although positive, Veronica isn’t happy about what it says about her performance.  She gave her heart and soul into the part and expected more to be written on her acting as Becky. “Actresses,” is Noah and Preston’s comment.

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