Reactions to @DCComics Justice League vs Suicide Squad Crossover Event from @kleffnotes

The Justice League vs Suicide Squad DC Rebirth Crossover event came to an end this week and I wanted to share some of my reactions to this massive meeting of heroes and villains. I don’t want to devote too much time to recapping the story, but I’ll give a rundown and then delve into some very spoiler filled thoughts.

To start off the Justice League, following some detective work by Batman, decides that Amanda Waller’s Project X, aka The Suicide Squad, must be stopped. This leads to a massive fight that Waller manages to win. By setting her team in motion she is able to capture The Justice League, but she has her own reasons for doing so. While initially the two groups were battling each other, she needs them to work together in order to take down Maxwell Lord and his own team. Waller reveals that she had a previous Suicide Squad that was locked away in a much more secure facility following a failed mission, but Lord has broken them out. He is planning to use them to make the world safe, at least his view of safe. The new Justice League and Suicide Squad team tries to take down Lord, but once he gains control of The Heart of Darkness things take a dangerous turn. The League, excluding Batman, fall under his control and a massive battle over the fate of Earth with Batman, Lobo, and The Suicide Squad versus Lord and the rest of The Justice League.


I haven’t revealed everything that happened, but this crossover had so many characters and reveals that you should read it for yourself. There should be a graphic novel release of the story soon or you could find the individual comics at your local comic book store or online. Now let’s get down to my spoiler filled reactions. The first thing that shocked me about this comic was that Killer Frost had such epic powers. I know a little about The Flash and that universe, but I have never read a comic with Killer Frost in it. The fact that she can absorb energy Rogue style is really epic, she even defeated Superman. She’s such a huge part of this story and based just on her I’m considering reading the new Justice League spin-off that she’ll be appearing in. Also Lobo is a hilarious character, I enjoyed having him in this story. Another plus for reading the new Justice League comic. The sheer number of characters in this crossover was exceptionally impressive and I’m curious to see what happens now that Waller’s first Suicide Squad is out in the world.


The part of this storyline that shocked me the most was Amanda Waller herself. She was the constant target of Maxwell Lord and their dynamic was like watching two chess masters competing against each other. Her ability to think so far ahead in the game was shocking. The ending of this story made me gasp out loud. I didn’t anticipate her keeping Max alive, especially since she wanted Killer Frost to kill him. With him imprisoned under her watch I want to know what her plan is. Just what is Project XI? The biggest reveal was in the epilogue. I had no idea she had a family or even anyone in her life outside of her work. Seeing her children and learning a little bit about her was not something I was anticipating. I also wonder if she will ever reunite more with them beyond the epilogue.


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