Save Chloe Decker! ( @LuciferonFOX ) from @kleffnotes

Tonight is the final episode of Lucifer before they take a very long break, which means we can expect some pretty intense drama. This will be the 13th episode of the second season and the third episode of the three episode arc that has been very focused on Lucifer and Chloe Decker’s relationship. At the end of last week’s episode it was revealed to Lucifer that his father had a direct hand in Chloe’s very creation, but before he could confront her with this knowledge he saw that she had been infected by a variation of the deadly disease being used by the villainous professor.

I have been trying to figure out how Chloe was infected and the only thing I can think of is that the professor’s death triggered it. When she cornered him he slit his own throat, which could have been the catalyst. I think that he poisoned himself in some way or had been building up his resistance to whatever disease was inside of him. Basically I think he used his research to turn himself into a biological weapon. If he made the disease airborne Chloe would have immediately been infected. I had thought that the professor had died, but in the previews for tonight’s episode they showed him talking to Lucifer. I think Lucifer may have brought him back to life, like Amenadiel did in season one. If he didn’t do it I could see him getting his brother to do it for him.


With the professor alive Lucifer would be able to try and figure out just what Chloe is infected with from the man himself. On the police force side I think Ella will be hard at work trying to create a cure using all of the channels that she has available to her. I am curious if Lucifer will ask his father for help again like he did during the finale of season one. If Chloe really is in his life for a reason I can’t imagine God would let her die. I am very curious to see how this plot will tie up. They can’t kill off Chloe Decker, they just can’t!


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