#HappyBdayJason Gedrick via @stacyamiller85 @gee_dunk #BATB #MajorCrimes

Happy Birthday Jason Gedrick!

When you’ve been a fan of an actor for over thirty years and can not only find magic when re-watching his old work but look forward to new projects, that says a lot about the talent of the actor.  Such is the case of Jason Gedrick. I will continue to support Jason in any project in which he is involved.

I have been a fan of Jason Gedrick since 1985 when he starred as Lenny Barnes in one of my favorite movies, The Heavenly Kid. I saw The Heavenly Kid when it first came out and it has remained one of my feel good films. If you’ve never seen it, I’d recommend you do.

But Jason has come a long way since The Heavenly Kid.  He has numerous television and film credits, way too many to list here. He is a multi talented actor, writer and director who it seems can take on any project with success.

He portrayed Liam in The CW’s Beauty and the Beast.  Although this role was limited to a handful of episodes, Jason’s bone chilling performance made the character a memorable one and earned him a legion of fans.

Jason recurred on Major Crimes last year (and word has it he will be returning).  This is great news for fans like myself.

download (8)download (7)images (6)images (7)

I thank you Jason for giving me and countless fans hours of entertainment by playing a wide range of characters to perfection. On this February 7 your birthday, I only wish for your continued success, whether it’s as an actor or behind the scenes as a writer or director.

And on Jason’s birthday, my gift to your fans is this photo album images from your dramatic achievements:

download (1)download (2)download (3)download (4)download (9)download (5)images (5)images (8)images (10)download (11)

Do you have a favorite role Jason has played?  Sound off in the comments.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .




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