Highlighting Harley Quinn in @DCComics from @kleffnotes

My weekly pull list at my local comic book store, Alter Ego Comics, is full of DC Comics and there is one character who dominates the storylines. I hadn’t actually noticed that Harley Quinn appeared in so many of the comics I read every week until recently. When the Justice League and Suicide Squad crossover happened the amount of Harley in my pulls was remarkable. She was in almost every comic that I was taking home. Each of these Harley’s have their own personalities and I wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about each of them.Outside of the DC Rebirth Universe Harley Quinn acts as the narrator and main character of Injustice: Ground Zero. In this series Harley has been working with Batman and his team to take down Superman, who has turned to the dark side. She has her own gang of former Joker henchmen, three of whom work directly with her even though she can’t remember their real names. To fight the variety of supers she has to go up against Harley takes green pills that give her super strength and stamina. In Injustice we get to see her go up against a variety of characters including Shazam, Killer Croc, and Damian Wayne. She also finds herself dealing with her feelings for The Joker after Batman brings in alternate dimension versions of those who have either joined Superman’s team or died in the line of duty. This Harley has a darker edge to her and even when she makes jokes the fact that the world is falling apart around her changes their tone.


Back in the main DC Rebirth universe, Harley Quinn is part of a number of series, but I currently am reading Suicide Squad and the comic just titled Harley Quinn. In Suicide Squad Harley has taken on two different roles. Primarily she does have a more reckless personality, but they’ve also shown her as Harleen Quinzel. During one plot her personality is altered and she begins acting like her pre-Joker self. While the rest of the team becomes violent and unpredictable Waller has to trust in Dr. Quinzel to save them.In the series Harley is one of the more active members of the team. This is also the only series where she has yet to interact with Poison Ivy, though she does have a huge fan in this one.


The version of Harley Quinn that I enjoy the most is the one that appears in her self-titled comic. In this version she lives in Coney Island and finds herself dealing with everything from zombies to naked retirees. She has room to be more humorous and she even gets to go on vacation with Poison Ivy, which is where those naked retirees come in. Harley isn’t fighting to save the world, she’s just trying to enjoy her life. This Harley also totally eats tons of junk food and is the most like a regular person. She’s just sort of dealing with whatever situations come her way, even if it means having to catapult someone through the city for medical care. If you are looking to add a little bit more Harley to your life I would recommend picking up any of these series.


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