@Scrimshawcomic #3 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

In this issue of Scrimshaw the crew has split up with Taipuitea and Katsuko heading to Quilong’s Teahouse and the rest of the crew on Hashima Island and dealing with the nefarious Mr. Fox. While the crew is busy Danny Yuda and Mr. Song are still focused on trying to find the Tanto octopus.

Scrimshaw #3 opens with a fight in the alleys of Chinatown and then moves to Hans and the rest of the crew preparing for their meeting with Mr. Fox. While Hans would seem to be in the most danger as he is meeting with a temperamental businessman, while his wife looks goes to a teahouse with an armed guard, things aren’t as they’d appear. Everyone is trying to track down Katsuko as well as the octopus. Even Mr. Fox is searching for Katsuko. It seems like the entire crew of The Runaway Horse could find themselves in tremendous danger very soon.


This comic seamless moves between characters and plots while also growing the universe. I am very intrigued by why Katsuko is so crucial to everyone’s plans with the Tanto octopus. With everyone in a state of almost constant danger Scrimshaw constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. Another element that I enjoy in this series are the additions at the end in the Captain’s Log. This issue has details about The Fox and includes a number of posters and advertisements related to the industry of the world. You can read Scrimshaw #3 on Comixology.


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