Fan Favorites: Dear @TheMissingStarz, Can We Have More Julien? @tchekykaryo via @erinwise82

If you’ve watched either season of The Missing, you’re familiar with french detective Julien Baptiste (Tcheky Karyo). This character really pulls you deeper into each case, compelling you to want to find the answers as much as he does.

*First, let me say, both casts, from both 1 and 2, are absolutely fabulous! They ALL played their parts with such intensity, you forgot you were watching a television show. Each and every actor delivered their performance as if they had actually been through these most terrifying situations. This article is not to take anything anyway from these magnificent people.*

During both seasons, Baptiste mentions quite often he’s been a detective for, well, most of his life. In the newest season, I’ve learned he, like everyone else, has made some mistakes. Mistakes that had very serious consequences.


Seeing his persistance, literally traveling the world, to help these families…really got me thinking….What made Baptiste this way? Every detective will do what it takes to solve a case, but this man, this man goes beyond that. Some cases consuming years of his life. Some cases even interfering with his marriage. Why? Was there a particular case that just sent him over the edge?


A suspect he knew personally that got away? A family that shook his world. Yes, I know he mentions his daughter and her problems. Uses her as the reason why he helps. But I just don’t buy that’s the complete reason.


I would love to see this series explore Julien’s 30 years as a detective. The worst of the worst cases. Show how Julien became the man he is on the screen now.


The cases that haunt him to this day. The cases he’s solved. The cases that taught him the lessons he knows now. I want to see it all!

Anyone else feel the way I do about Julien?

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