The Beauty Volume 1: @ImageComics Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes

What would you be willing to do to be beautiful? In The Beauty from Image Comics anyone can achieve physical perfection, but at a terrible price. In this dystopian world you beauty is just a one night stand away.

The Beauty is not only the title of this comic, but also the name of a sexually transmitted disease. If you sleep with someone infected with it your body begins to change. You start to transition into something almost supernaturally beautiful. Fat melts away, hair becomes shiny and full, and your skin glows with youth and vitality. The only downside is that your life expectancy is cut devastatingly short. While the disease itself will eventually kill you we see as a a number of those who are infected begin to spontaneously combust. When the first woman is found burned from the inside out on the subway The Beauty Task Force is called in.  While the team tries to investigate someone from The Center for Disease Control comes in and takes over. As the first volume of the series evolves we learn that secrets surround this disease and nefarious plots are being set in motion. We also watch as the task force has to deal with their own mortality as the beauty spreads.


This story is like nothing I’d ever read before. Not only is it an inventive idea, but the reveals about those behind this disease and those fighting to stop it kept me guessing. The art was also beautifully done and the fact that the infected are drawn to literally stand out from the uninfected characters was amazing to see. I honestly have no idea how they accomplished it, but the characters seemed to glow within every scene. The Beauty is not only well written and well drawn, but it provides you with something to think about, just what is the cost of beauty and would you be willing to pay it?


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