The Wicked and The Divine Comic Series Feature from @kleffnotes

In December I typically have a little bit of downtime where I can indulge in catching up on some comics that I have gotten desperately behind in. I read the first four volumes of The Wicked and The Divine ages ago, but had just never seemed to find time to read the next three volumes. Now I know this means I’m still not completely caught up with the series, but being caught up with all of the collected volumes is alright with me. Continue reading “The Wicked and The Divine Comic Series Feature from @kleffnotes”

The Beauty Volume 1: @ImageComics Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes

What would you be willing to do to be beautiful? In The Beauty from Image Comics anyone can achieve physical perfection, but at a terrible price. In this dystopian world you beauty is just a one night stand away. Continue reading “The Beauty Volume 1: @ImageComics Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes”

Celebrating @ImageComics from @kleffnotes

This week marked the 25th anniversary of Image Comics and comic book stores celebrated by providing their patrons with an exclusive Image Classics preview comic. I made sure to go by my local store, Alter Ego Comics, for their special Image Day. While I was there I was inspired to write up something about some of my favorite Image Comics to celebrate their 25th. Continue reading “Celebrating @ImageComics from @kleffnotes”

What’s On My Pull List from @kleffnotes

As the resident comic book reviewer on The Nerdy Girl Express I thought I would share what is on my pull list at my local comic book store so that people can see what I’m reading. I will say in advance that it is pretty DC heavy, what can I say I love Batman and the characters from his universe. I’ll link each title so that you can check out more about each series and get details on their release schedules. Also shout out to Alter Ego Comics in Lima, Ohio, whose logo I used for this article header and where I get all my pulls. Continue reading “What’s On My Pull List from @kleffnotes”