Snotgirl #1 @ImageComics Review from @kleffnotes

Lottie Person is a fashion blogger who showcases her perfect life on her beauty blog, but is anyone’s life really that perfect? In Snotgirl #1, the first of a monthly comic from Image Comics, we see the woman behind Lottie’s beautiful online facade.

When I picked up this comic I honestly had no idea what the plot was going to be. I really just like picking up random comics that look interesting. Yes, I know the whole don’t judge a book motto, but with comics if I think the art looks interesting I sometimes just decided to check out a single issue. I had seen Snotgirl mentioned on Twitter and the cover showcases a beautiful woman with green hair and a runny nose. I thought with such dichotomy that I totally had to check it out.

snotgirl 1


Snotgirl starts by introducing us to Lottie Person, who I’ve briefly already described, and her friends. Lottie makes her life look perfect in her blog, but in real life she hates her friends, her boyfriend has decided they’re on a break, and she has terrible allergies. When she’s upset her allergies become miserable and her nose runs and her eyes water. Lottie tries to keep that version of herself safely hidden away in her home, but she can’t keep her secret for long. When she meets a woman she nicknames Coolgirl everything starts to change. In her desire to make a new and more interesting friend Lottie goes to a bar for the first time. She has a bit of a crush on this girl, but things take a definite turn when Lottie sees her boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend, probably. I don’t want to reveal what happens because the ending caught me completely by surprise, but Lottie’s life has definitely taken a sharp and unexpected turn by the end of the evening.

snotgirl 2

This comic by Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung hooked me and I’ll be buying it every month. I loved the showcasing of social media and how it relates to the lives of so many people. I also enjoyed the fact that Lottie and I are both the same age, we both blog, we both have allergies, and we both don’t frequently feel like adults. Not only is the story great, but the artwork is wonderful.

snotgirl 4

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