Hack/Slash: A Comic Recommendation from @kleffnotes

I’ve recently been watching a lot of Jessica Jones and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which got me thinking about some of my favorite female characters in pop culture. One character that I think fans of Jessica Jones would really like comes from the Image Comics series Hack/Slash, Cassie Hack.

Now I need to warn you in advance, the Hack/Slash series is rated M for Mature Readers. The reason for this is that there is graphic violence, nudity, and adult language. The comics are basically like reading a modern day horror movie. The main character, Cassie Hack, is the daughter of a serial killer, turned slasher, who became known as The Lunch Lady. In this series those with a penchant for violence are able to return from the dead and continue their evil work, mostly violent murders, as ridiculously hard to kill super powered beings. Cassie feels it is her duty to go after these slashers and destroy them, because of her mother’s violent crimes.

hack slash 1

A bit like Jessica, Cassie has her own slight superpowers, she’s pretty death resistant and is able to fight her way out of pretty much any situation. While she wants to work alone, she does have a team, a bit like Buffy’s Scoobies, that wants to help her, no matter how dangerous it might get. Her closest partner is Vlad, a sweet, but massive man who she once mistook for a slasher. There’s not only violence and danger, but there are romantic moments including Cassie and Vlad both finding love. Cassie is also a bisexual character, which is something that you don’t often see represented in characters on tv and in movies. She finds herself attractive to a woman named Georgia, and in other plots also finds herself attracted to men, one of whom is a bit dangerous.


I read this series in graphic novel form, it is divided into five volumes, with My First Slasher as an additional prologue. There is also a sequel, Son of Samhain, but I’ve only been able to find the first volume. I recommend this series to everyone who enjoys horror movies and anyone looking for a great female led story. Cassie is honestly one of my favorite characters, and  not just because I wish I could dress like her. Her weapon of choice is also a nail studded baseball bat, which is very Suicide Squad Harley Quinn.

If you’ve read Hack/Slash, or have other female led comics you think people would enjoy please comment below or tweet at us, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter too, @kleffnotes, and on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com, and on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. I also run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp.

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