The Wicked and The Divine Comic Series Feature from @kleffnotes

In December I typically have a little bit of downtime where I can indulge in catching up on some comics that I have gotten desperately behind in. I read the first four volumes of The Wicked and The Divine ages ago, but had just never seemed to find time to read the next three volumes. Now I know this means I’m still not completely caught up with the series, but being caught up with all of the collected volumes is alright with me.

The Wicked and The Divine focuses on an event known as The Recurrence, which is a moment every 90 years in which 12 gods return to the world for 2 years in the bodies of young people. These young people are suddenly imbued with supernatural powers and literally take on the abilities and elements of the personalities of the god they are connected to. The story focuses on Laura Wilson, who is obsessed with the gods and wishes she could be one. During a show she meets Lucifer, who is currently being represented in The Pantheon by a young woman named Eleanor Rigby. Yes, you read that right, her parents have a bit of a Beatles obsession. Lucifer takes Laura backstage and that’s when the story suddenly shifts following an attack on the gods that Lucifer stops with a murderous snap of her fingers. This power is never to be used on humans and because no one knows exactly what to do she is brought in on charges and when the judge suddenly dies when Lucifer jokingly snaps her fingers she is thrown in jail. The immortal protector of the gods insists that they must leave Lucifer to deal with her own punishment and Laura can’t just leave Lucifer alone when she knows the god didn’t kill the judge. Over the seven volumes new gods join The Pantheon and the mystery behind who killed the judge evolves into something tremendously complex and deadly. Not only is the story captivating, but the art and coloring are beautiful. Some of my favorite pages are when the chosen vessels become the gods as they fall into their powers it is just mesmerizing.

The characters in The Wicked and The Divine are diverse and complex. When I started reading the comic I was immediately super attached to Lucifer. She has swagger, manages to wear an all white suit and keep it spotless, and she is dealing with a lot of issues. I aspire to be able to look like Lucifer, I mean her hair is totally one of my hair inspirations. In a close second is The Morrigan, who is not only one character, but three. While The Morrigan is a performer, she has two other sides, one that is fueled by hate and rage and the other that seems focused on love and safety. The Morrigan is a goth, not only does she wear all black, but the human who became The Morrigan was actually a goth before she transformed. Her rage personality, Badb, has intense red hair and uses curse words in a remarkably inventive way. Her sweet personality, Annie, has an interesting aesthetic and while I don’t think I could pull off the one tuft of hair look it adds to her youthful image. The final character I love is Urdr. I don’t want to reveal too much about this character because she gets added a bit later in the series, but I will say that the human she was before maintains her personality even upon becoming part of The Pantheon. She also has two other humans who become part of her being, think the Weird Sisters. If you enjoy American Gods or anything tied to the mythological you will love The Wicked and The Divine from Image Comics.

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