2018 Movie Highlights from @kleffnotes

With 2018 drawing to a close I thought that I would share some of the movies I really enjoyed this year. Now this isn’t even a remotely definitive list of things that came out in 2018 and I also want to point out that I picked things that had come out near the end of the year. I am sure other lists have covered the major blockbusters and the earlier movies I think have been mentioned all year round. So in short here are four movies I enjoyed that came out between October and the end of the year.

The first movie on my list is the most major blockbuster so I thought I’d cover it right off the bat. Sometimes Disney conveniently releases movies near my birthday, it helps that I’m a Thanksgiving baby so I have the benefit of celebrating during a major movie weekend. When they announced that Ralph Breaks the Internet would be coming out during Thanksgiving 2018 I was pumped. I told my entire family that we had to go see it and see it we did. I loved the sequel to this movie and seeing Vanellope grow into her own and push to become more of an adult gave her an added depth that I hadn’t expected. Beyond that the fact that Ralph had to actually accept that he was feeling emotionally fragile about the loss of his best friend showed more growth in a male Disney character than I am used to seeing. It was both fun and insightful and I would love to see more of Vanellope hanging out in the world of Slaughter Race.

Next on the list might actually have come out before October, but because of my limited movie access I wasn’t able to watch it until more recently. The Miseducation of Cameron Post is a beautifully performed film that examines what can happen at a reeducation camp. For those of you who aren’t familiar, reeducation facilities are often religious based organizations that use a variety of techniques to try and make someone who identifies outside of heterosexual norms straight. Within The Miseducation of Cameron Post the camp itself is not shown as being dangerous, but Cameron does voice her concerns about the leadership of the camp. I found the movie remarkably well done and I thought it opened up great avenues for discussion.

Jumping into some streaming service movies my next movie might actually surprise you. Over the Thanksgiving holiday Krista was visiting and we were looking for some movies to watch. We had mentioned maybe watching a random holiday movie and I mentioned that there was a movie called The Princess Switch on Netflix. Now I don’t typically watch a lot of rom-coms, especially holiday ones, but Krista enjoys them and we had just watched a Hallmark movie with my mom. We actually had a great time watching The Princess Switch and it was a fun and relaxing way to spend an hour and a half. We admittedly did talk over the movie a bit and had a running joke concerning the man who continuously pops up. If you’re looking for something fun to watch while we’re still in the holiday season you should give The Princess Switch a watch.

My final suggestion is also a holiday themed movie, though this is a throw back to Halloween. Hulu announced that they would be doing a holiday themed series where each month they will be releasing a new horror feature that ties into a holiday. The first one in the series was Into the Dark: The Body and it took me a bit by surprise. The movie follows a hit man who is just trying to deliver the body of his most recent kill to the people who hired him. He has the body completely wrapped in plastic wrap and when he heads out to his car he finds the tires slashed. With no transport of his own he finds himself going to a Halloween party in exchange for a ride with three partygoers. From there everything just starts getting stranger and stranger. People find out he’s a hit man, a woman falls in love with him, and it just turns into this bizarrely comedic situation that is also frightening. Even though it isn’t Halloween it is a really unexpected watch.

What were some of your 2018 favorites?

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